Anorak News | Casey Johnson’s Tweet Death: Tila Tequila’s Sexy Widow’s Weeds, Pictures

Casey Johnson’s Tweet Death: Tila Tequila’s Sexy Widow’s Weeds, Pictures

by | 8th, January 2010

Tila TequilaCASEY Johnson is dead and Tila Tequila (born Tila Nguyen) becomes a star. Anorak’s Man in LA tells us:

Tila Tequila (NSFW)

Tila Tequila’s been tweeting about her grief over the loss of her “wifey” Casey Johnson for days now.

Casey Johnson In Pictures

And earlier today, she complained about the paparazzi staking out her house.

Then three hours later, she complained on Twitter that those annoying celebrity photographers had just left.

But what Tila says and what she does are apparently two different things…

That’s right, friends and neighbors.

Tila Tequila (NSFW)

Ms. Tequila took a grief time-out, to strike some poses for the paps. All smiles, of course – RR

Tila’s not short of self-confidence: On Tila Tequila MySpace blog in 2007:

The future of the music business is being re-written – NOW. Have you ever had the power to make a massive change? Start a war; stop a war; forge a new path; break down old barriers? Have you, a friend, a neighbor, or even someone you don’t like, struggled for years to achieve a dream that a few people control the outcome of, and they tell you that you can’t do it? If 99¢ was a step toward changing all that, would you spend it? …

Tila Tequila turned down two record deals, believing that having absolute control over the kind of music she released and how she was portrayed was more important than being part of the system. She’s done it all on her own up to this point, so why not continue? Tila has recorded music, picked a single, shot a video, and is set to release everything WITHOUT the help of a label. She is convinced that she knows what her fans want, not some corporate A&R guy at that multibillion dollar company, watching their bottom line. It’s about music. And freedom.

Tila’s the Obama Girl meets Kanye West. As we say:

Tila Tequilia gives good copy and cleavage. She’s the named source, the subject and the writer. All the tabloid need do is copy and paste.


Tila Tequila (NSFW)

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