Anorak News | John Edwards Accused Of Wallet ‘Theft’

John Edwards Accused Of Wallet ‘Theft’

by | 3rd, February 2010

john_edwards-300x1801ONCE John Edwards was in the race to be the President of the US of A. But revelations about his lover Rielle Hunter, his baby and his wife and above all his hair undid him. Well,not really. Big media failed to report on John Edwards, leaving it to the tabloid press to tell the real story.

How the LA Times Failed To Cover The John Edwards Affair

Anorak’s Man in LA looks at how things have tuned out for John:

HOW low can former presidential candidate John Edwards go?

Apparently very.

John Edwards Love Child ‘Scandal’, Rielle Hunter Responds

According to the Orange County, NC sheriff’s office, back in October of 2008, Elizabeth Edwards claimed that John came to their home after going to a sporting event with their children. Only problem is, Elizabeth told him he wasn’t welcome and asked him to leave.

Elizabeth says hubby at first challenged her, saying it was his house too… then she saw him take her wallet and leave.

More No News On Not John Edwards’ Baby

A few minutes later – after Johnny boy had walked out of the house and returned – she demanded that he give the wallet back to her, but he claimed he didn’t have it.

The police statement about the incident was kept under wraps until now at Elizabeth’s request – RR

John Edwards Love Child ‘Scandal’, Rielle Hunter Responds

John Edwards Defines Irony, With Rielle Hunter

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