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Bury Man Sought In Animal Sperm Tossing Attacks

by | 3rd, February 2010

sperm-chuckerARE you the animal semen thrower of old Bury town? Do you pass an evening tossing animal semen on schoolgirls?

Detectives in Greater Manchester say you are “disgusting”.

One victim was hit with a sticky liquid – later found to be animal semen – on her tights. Another girl, agreed 15, was attacked in…Ostrich Lane, Prestwich (a clue?).

Another girl had a white substance smeared on her bottom. Another girl noticed liquid dripping from her skirt.

The offender is described as white, male and answering to name Rover. No, really. This is grim. It’s a man aged between 25 and 35 carrying a bag.

Are you the man with the bag of animal semen? Of course it might help inquiries if the semen breed was identified – dog sperm is tricky to pin down, but badger semen or that emerging from a tiger may be simpler?

It might even be valuable.

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