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Peter Andre Sobs: Sky’s Kay Burley Rewrites News In Her Image With Grim Blog

by | 4th, February 2010

peter3HAVING reduced sentimental Peter Andre to tears for our entertainment, Sky News’ Kay Burley produces a hideous ‘Team Pete’ blog on the Sky News website. This is her chance to rewrite the facts. Ready? And note that this is hard-as-nails newshound Kay Burley who was stalked by Barry George – only, she wasn’t:

What a day.

Peter Andre broke down on my show and when I went to check during an ad break that he was OK, he sobbed on my shoulder in the Green Room.

Do you see? It wasn’t cruel Kay reducing pop acorn Pete to tears with “what ifs” about him losing his children to Tango & Gash (Alex Reid and Katie Price) it was caring Kay doing him a service.

Katie Price’s Career As Jordan (NSFW)

He’d discovered not 12 hours earlier that the mother of two of his children had married without even bothering to tell him and was devastated at the very thought that she might want take the youngsters away from him.

7206948So you asked him about him losing control of them – them being adopted by walking Toffee Crisp Alex Reid?

I was mortified at having upset such an obviously doting family man and was keen to offer sincere apologies but he was his usual charming self. As we stood and chatted about parenthood he said he was relieved he’d finally vented some of the pent up tension he’d been feeling and I sympathised but warned him not to ever cry in front of the children.

Thanks, Kay. But why not cry in front of the children. Don’t they want Kay’s telly show? And did we miss the bit where Kay Burley became a psychotherapist? Hey, Jeremy Kyle, if you’re looking in – sack Graham. Kay’s here now. It’s gonna be okay. Or how about Oh-Kay – Kay Burley’s new tea and spite chat show.

The young girls in the office waited patiently outside with their pens and bits of paper as he regained his composure and spoke on the phone to Claire his rock.

Oh, yep, best to praise the agent – that’s Claire Powell – who got him onto the show and might be looking to blame you, Kay, for making her client look like a twat on the magic box.

Eventually calm was restored and Peter left the building wiser about news interviews and me very much with “Team Pete”.

News? What news? Anyone see any news? New used to be show and not tell. This is tell, tell, tell, tell, tell and keep on telling until opinion becomes fact…

Katie Price’s Career As Jordan (NSFW)

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