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Katie Price Caught In Princess Paedo Picture Storm

by | 10th, February 2010

princess-jordanKATIE Price and Alex Reid: Want to read about Katie Price “SICKEST STUNT EVER” and how she turned her daughter into a “TART”? There are “SICK” pictures of the two-year-old Princess Tianaminimeeeeeeee. Want to see them? Want to see the daughter “dolled up like a tart”?

Alex Reid Naked (NSFW)

Take care as you download your copy of the Daily Star with its “sick” pictures of “tart” children from the newsagent’s shelves. Hold it nonchalantly. Don’t stare at the image of Princess Tinainimimeeeee looking like Liza Minnelli on a spin cycle. Stick the filthy organ in the pages of Asian Babes to save embarrassment. Oooer. Too late. You’ve been spotted bny the mum and kids on their way to school.


Run. Drop the paper. Run. Save yourself! The rest of you, read on:

JORDAN was at the centre of a child sex storm last night as this photo of her two-year-old daughter sexed up like a model was posted online.

If you find the pictures of Princess sexy, you can seek urgent medical help by asking the orderly to dial 999.

The shock picture of Jordan and Peter Andre’s daughter Princess appeared on Facebook with the toddler “tarted up” like a glamour girl at a photoshoot. The 32-month-old toddler is pictured wearing red-tinted lip gloss, eye shadow and long fake eyelashes.

She looks like, well, a child with make-up on, with something of the Wayne Rooney about the nose and those Minnelli eyes.

Last night it sparked a storm of protest, with claims it could attract paedophiles

…to buy the Star?

Katie Price And Horses (NSFW)

Last night Dr Adrian Rogers, a GP and former director of the Conservative Family Institute, called on social workers to intervene. He said: “If you make toddlers look like women with sexual things like long eyelashes and red lipstick, it’s hardly surprising there are some sad paedophiles who find this attractive.”

Er, we’d says paedophiles find any children attractive. The make-up is unimportant. It’s the age that turn them on.

Katie Price’s Career As Jordan (NSFW)

“I would question Jordan’s suitability as a parent. I hope somebody sends a social worker round.”

And then raid the Daily Star in case nay more images seep out and attract paedos…

In the meantime, we urgently call on you to turn yourself off pictures of tarted children lest they turn your paedo and look instead at these fine shots of Katie Price, which should quell all thoughts of sex in a trice…

Alex Reid Naked (NSFW)

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