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‘Sorry’ March Planned For Wootton Bassett

by | 10th, February 2010

7925959HAVING endured and survived Anjem Choudary and Jon Gaunt, Wootton Bassett is now prepared to do battle with corgi-munching, peanut-faced artist Mark McGowan. Madame Arcati writes:

MY dear remote friend Mark McGowan (how’s sexy Bryn?) plans to crawl on his hands and knees through the touchy town of Wootton Bassett with a sign on his back which simply says, “SORRY“. The event is planned for Sunday 21st February 2010 at 2pm.

The artist has previously completed many famous crawls including London to Canterbury. He also pushed a monkey nut with his nose for 7 miles to Downing Street.

He says, “This performance/art event is an attempt to say sorry for all the civillians that have been and that are being killed due to this country’s foreign policy. Also, ‘this is not a protest’.”

I do hope Mark is not kicked to death by the flag-waving burghers of Wootton Bassett, egged on by circulation-chasing tabloids or the giggly presenters of the Today programme. That would be too distressing.

Tabloid sh*tstorm to follow…


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Student Mark McGowan, 37, from Peckham, gets down to business as he attempts to wipe out his student debt by using his nose to push a monkey nut seven miles to Downing Street, central London. McGowan wants the Prime Minister to waive his 15,000 debts if he can make it from Goldsmiths College , south-east London to 10 Downing Street. Mr McGowan knows he can make it with all manner of hazards he faces, most dangerous of all crossing roads.

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