Anorak News | Cheryl Cole On Being ‘Everybody’s Icon’ And Fighting For Ashley Cole

Cheryl Cole On Being ‘Everybody’s Icon’ And Fighting For Ashley Cole

by | 16th, February 2010

5027248IN this week’s Hello!, Cheryl Cole “opens her heart about fighting for her marriage to Ashley”.

Cheryl Cole’s marriage has been “gossiped about, analysed and, at times, severely tested,” trills Hello!.

How times move fast. When this was written Cheryl and Ashley Cole had moved on from allegations of his cheating on her with a model and Aimee Walton. Now, there are tabloid tales of a glamour mode and a secretary telling the world how she shagged Ashley. (No word from Cole yet, and the claims remain unproven.)

“If it’s worth fighting for, then fight,” says Cheryl.

Cheryl is all about fighting. Having fought a toilet attendant – she was found guilty of assault occasioning actual bodily harm on Sophie Amogbokpa – and released a song about fighting, Chelsy is not talking fighting talk. This is what national treasures do – Vera Lynn sings songs for fighters – Chelsy Cole is her spirit embodied.

Says Cheryl:

“Anyone who throws in the towel ends up achieving nothing.”

Not that there is anything for her to worry about, as Cheryl says what’s written about her is “rubbish” and it “would drive me crazy if I took is seriously”.

Says Hello!:

“And her career’s on the crest of a wave… the beautiful Geordie, 26, values nothing more highly than love.” She is a “role model”…

We see what you mean about rubbish, Cheryl. But Cheryl doesn’t poo-poo it or walk off, she sits down and talks with Hello!. Cole is nothing if not tolerant.

Cheryl says Fight For This Love is a song “inspired” by her marriage. It might well be about the marriage of the song’s producers Wayne Wilkins and Steve Kipner, or the song’s writer Andre Merritt.

Cheryl then says she does not want to talk about allegations that Ashley cheated on her. She says she has never defended him. Or as Chelsy told us not all that long ago:

“The other day was the first time Ashley actually broke down to me about it all.”

Says she now:

“I love romantic things. I find little things really romantic and sweet. Like when my husband says something lovely on the answering machine. Or when he runs a bath for me… I love it when he surprises me.”

OK!: How did you husband surprise you recently?
CC: Oh, I won’t telly you that.

Anyhow, Cheryl, what’s it like being a role model?

CC: It’s a heavy burden.


“…if everyone wants me to their icon then I’ll try to be that icon.”

Go for it, Cheryl…

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