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EastEnders Live Show Bloopers Revealed And Coppers Reviled

by | 22nd, February 2010

bradley-branningTHE live EastEnders show saw Bradley Branning fall from a roof and spill claret all over the frog. Lacy Turner screamed “Charlie” (the actor is called Charlie Clements), Peggy Mitchell called Janine “June”, Ronnie Mitchell shoplifted from the Mini-Mart (took paint-stripper, for make-up removal, without paying) and the cops were portrayed as idiots.

Says Detective Inspector Laan Kalbfell, of the City of London Police:

“Viewers will think this is how detectives operate – it’s not. This is damaging to the profession.”


To reiterate: police do not persecute actors for their ginger hair just to get on the telly. However, if the copper does get his face spotted on the magic box telly in the course of his adventures, then that is all to the good. What is more, the police have better things to do than talk to the press about a fictional telly show as if it’s real…

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