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Susan Boyle’s Non-Love Love Story

by | 23rd, February 2010

susan-boyle-scotland1IF we’re not hearing Susan Boyle sing, then her brother Gerry must be talking. The Crazy Horses and I have a Dream singer manager’s happy home life makes her unhappy says her increasingly informative old bro in today’s Daily Record, which has the full non-love story today.

In The Record, Jack Mathieson delivers the words of Gerry, SuBo’s brother:

“Of course, her family will always be there for her but it is not the same as having someone special in your life. It’s just all so sad, so sad. Susan has the world at her feet in terms of fame and money but at this precise moment in time it means nothing. The one thing she wants above all everything else is love. Who doesn’t?”

That’s a rhetorical question, readers. Although anyone keen to swap a spouse or boyfriend for Susan’s money can send photos and measurements to the usual address.

Where would SuBo be without her older brother? Gerry soars to new heights when he tells the world SuBo talks to him of her unhappiness and says her manager’s the man to blame:

Susan, from Blackburn, West Lothian, was recently pictured being comforted at an airport by manager Andy Stephens. There is no suggestion of a romance with the 59-year-old married dad-of-two, but she is said to be envious of his stable home life.

“Comforted” is usually tabloidese for so much more. And on that comfort, Anorak readers can learn how the comforting took the form of a woman and her manager having a chat and a joke over tea at nice Airport.

Gerry said: “She sees how happy and contented he is with his family and wants that kind of security and love for herself. Susan knows she can jet anywhere in the world first-class, eat in the best restaurants and stay in the top hotels but that means nothing if she doesn’t have anyone to share those moments with.”

As they says in UK Red Tops…if there’s sod all news around, do a thumb-suck. The punters won’t notice.

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