Anorak News | Farrah Fawcett’s Celebrity Cancer Sequel, Starring Redmond O’Neal And Drugs

Farrah Fawcett’s Celebrity Cancer Sequel, Starring Redmond O’Neal And Drugs

by | 23rd, February 2010

farrah-redmondFARRAH FAwcett’s death is now a sequel , featuring Ryan O’Neal and he and Farrah’s son Redmond’s drugs issues. Anorak’s Man in LA scales the heights of reality TV:

DESPITE the denials, it appears that Ryan O’Neal will exploit his and Farrah Fawcett’s son Redmond and his drug problems in a reality television format, after all. reports that Redmond’s sad battle with heroin and other addictions will be one of three plotlines in the follow-up to Farrah’s Story, the exploitative NBC special that was carved from Farrah and production partner Craig Nevius’ original video journal of her cancer struggle.

RadarOnline says its reporters have seen the letter O’Neal is sending out to get people to cooperate. It reads in part:

“We plan to focus on three main areas of her legacy: her art (namely her films and her sculptures), her inspirational battle with cancer; and the light of her life, our son Redmond, who is now fighting to reclaim himself in honor of his mother.”

According to RadarOnline, O’Neal also writes that the documentary will include Farrah’s voice from “an original, never-aired 2005 interview with never-before-seen footage from our private collection of home movies.”

One of the most horrific parts of the Farrah’s Story special was the scene, engineered by O’Neal, in which a shackled Redmond was led from jail into the room of his near-comatose mother and allowed to get into bed with her. The sequel promises to pick up the story from there.

It’s not known if O’Neal will include video of Farrah’s death.

O’Neal plans to keep shooting interviews through March. It’s not known if he’ll get to interview Redmond, who’s in court-ordered drug rehab after years of arrests, jailtime and drug treatment.

O’Neal and Redmond were arrested together on drug charges in 2008 when police found methamphetamine in the actor’s Malibu home. O’Neal at first denied the drugs were his, but last year pleaded guilty to drug possession and was sentenced to a year and a half of drug counseling.

Last week, after Farrah’s Charlies Angels costar Kate Jackson attacked him in the media, O’Neal said through a spokesman that his “only wishes are for Farrah to rest in peace.” – TB

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