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Cheryl Cole And Ashley’s Divorce: Sex Therapy, All The Women And Cheryl’s Tattoo

by | 24th, February 2010

mrs-cole-tattooCHERYL Cole And Ashley Cole divorce: As Cheryl Cole heads back to being Mrs Tweedy – that “Mrs Cole” tattoo on the back of her neck may be harder to get shot of than her Chelsea and England footballer husband – the papers reports. The news round-up:


In case anyone is wondering which side the Sun is on – The Beauty with access to the X Factor judges and acts or The Rat who once sued the Sun and won – the papers comes equipped with a John Terry exclusive.

Terry is Cole’s captain at Chelsea and was his skipper at England too – until he resigned in light of allegations in the New of The World (the Sun on Sunday) that he had shagged loadsa women, including his Chelsea and England teammate Wayne’s Bridge’s lover, one Vanessa Perroncel.

Why John Terry Escapes And The Sun Guns For Ashley Cole

Today JT is telling Sun readers – this his fourth exclusive in the News International stable since the NoTW spiked the Perroncel story – that he wants to win the Champions League for Chelsea and the World Cup for England – “I am not ashamed to say it”.

It could be argued that John Terry’s biggest crime was not allegedly cheating on his wife with stunnas but clearing the way for the media shafting of Ashley Cole.

Pages 4 and 5: Profiles on Sonia Wild (text ‘n’ tell), Aimee Walton (vomit ‘n’ tell), Alexandra Taylor (shag ‘n’ tell), Vicki Gough (sext ‘n’ tell) and Ann Corbitt (lick ‘n’ tell).

Ashley Cole’s Women (Alleged)

Readers learn that Ashley called to speak with Cheryl and told her that he would try therapy. He was upset. His words make it into the Sun.

Daily Express (front page): “They think it’s all over: Chelsy and Ashley split

Page 3: “Who gets the Chihuahuas?”

As the couple gear up for a divorce they will have to decide who gets custody of their Chihuahuas, Coco and Buster”

Cheryl Cole Flies Home

Daily Mail (front page): “Chelsy dumps Ashley. Now for the £22milion divorce

Daily Star (front page): “CHERYL & ASHLEY DIVORCE”

What did Cheryl say?

“Babe blasts : I won’t be a ******* doormat”

The Star says it has an “EXCLUSIVE” – the couple’s “£27m” fortune will be split.

Cheryl Cole Brit Awards 2010

Inside and it turns out that Cheryl did not produce the front-page quote, it coming from a “source”, who opines:

“Cheryl is a strong woman. She is not going to be a ******* doormat”.

The voice of the Star says that Cheryl has made “the right decision”. Well, the Star owns OK! and who will it feature in its pages – a footballer without a WAG or a soon-to-be former WAG who judges on the X Factor and wants to crack America between her thighs?

Daily Mirror (front page): “HE LIED AND LIED AND LIED

Know that Cheryl Cole’s parting words to Ashley were:

“You disgust me. You lied and lied. I’ll see you around.”

Well, so it says in the papers…

Ashley Cole’s Women (Alleged)

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