Anorak News | Cheryl Cole And Ashley’s Divorce: Baby P, John Terry’s Great Escape And Trousers

Cheryl Cole And Ashley’s Divorce: Baby P, John Terry’s Great Escape And Trousers

by | 24th, February 2010

cheryl-cole51CHERYL Cole and Ashley Cole Divorce: You’ll have read the details, gazed upon the love, seen the pictures, met the girls and studied the conspiracy. But what does it mean? Are you Team Cheryl or Team Ashley? Helping you to decide what to think of two people you’ve most likely never met (texts don’t count) are the columnists. They’re here to help:

Ashley Cole’s Women (Alleged)

Polly Hudson (Mirror) –

“Whatever the (icky) circumstances, she has lost the man she loved with all her heart, and she’ll need every ounce of her trademark strength and bravery to see her through”

For more on Chezza’s trademark strength and bravery read this.

Sue Carroll (Mirror)

Only a fool would believe they could pull the wool over a smart, streetwise and savvy Cheryl

Sean Hamilton (Sun)

What a relief. Cheryl has done what we’ve been screaming at her to do for two years and dump arrogant love cheat Ashley

Daren Lewis (Mirror)

Ashley Cole is – “The kind of pantomime villain that even people who know nothing about his very public marriage will hate – just because everyone else does

Jane Moore (Sun)

Elin gives lesson in coping with dignity

Ashley Cole’s Women (Alleged)

Elin is wife to Tiger Woods – the dignified woman who, allegedly, chased after her husband with a golf club and smashed his car with it…

“Now Cheryl Cole has used the inevitable attention of the paparazzi to let it be known that her cheating husband Ashley is so last season that she’s already allowing another man to dwell a deux in her LA hotel room until the early hours”.

Cheryl Cole, Derek Hough, A Terrier In The Bedroom And Ashley Cole’s Women

Patrick O’Flynn – The Express’ Chief Political Commentator (no less)

Whatever became of society’s sense of responsibility?

O’Flynn is the picks of the bunch. Ashley Cole is placed in the same context as Sabah Al-Zayyat, the GP who failed to spot Baby Peter Connelly’s injuries, Mark Johnson, the police dog handler who “left his two ‘beloved’ Alsatians to bake to death” in his car and Jamie Tandy who broke his girlfriend’s nose.

Tiger Woods’ Women (Alleged)

Oliver Holt (Mirror)

I have only met Cheryl Cole once. She saw me and a colleague from The Independent talking to Victoria Beckham in the bar at the Brenner’s Park Hotel where some of the English press and the wags stayed during the 2006 World Cup.

She assumed, understandably, that we were bothering Mrs Beckham and, with the accompaniment of a few evil glances at us, let her know she had ‘got her back’.
She left us in little doubt that we were in for a battering if Mrs Beckham gave her the nod. Not quite as demure as her act suggests.

Poor old Ashley. I’d put money on who wore the trousers in that splintered household.

Matthew Syed (Times)

But this is nonsense, too. Even if Cole corroborates this version of events (which is doubtful), he is entitled to ask why the misleading of club officials was not of any great concern when Terry secretly took three businessmen — actually undercover reporters — on a tour of the training ground (on club time and on club property) in return for £10,000. “If the club finds out, it’s a little bit . . . you know,” Terry told them.

Why John Terry Escapes And The Sun Guns For Ashley Cole

Steve Stammers (Mirror)

The treatment of Cole and Terry smacks of hypocrisy – but well-paid has to mean well-behaved But Terry and Cole have been naive in the extreme. Both, from personal experience, are well-mannered and polite when approached on football matters. Both had tough childhoods – especially Cole. But both emerged from life on the mean streets of East London to excel in their chosen profession. They are both lucky and unlucky.

You invite the wold to gaze upon your love – and then the world comments…

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