Anorak News | Cheryl Cole’s Divorce In Pictures: Ashely’s Tattooed Women And Blaming Joan

Cheryl Cole’s Divorce In Pictures: Ashely’s Tattooed Women And Blaming Joan

by | 25th, February 2010

8055045CHERYL Cole and Ashley Cole Divorce: Cheryl’s tattoo spreads, Jonathan Ross, blaming the mother-in-law Joan and John Terry. Anorak’s round-up of the big story:

The Sun’s front-page news is that Cheryl Cole is being erased. No, Cheryl is not dead. She is merely morphing into Chelsy Tweedy by having her tattoo removed. And, as luck as it, this change is taking place just as Chelsy is poised to crack America and put her hair in a bun.

Ashley Cole’s Women (Alleged)

The Sun tells readers that Cheryl is to have her “Mrs Cole” tattoo removed – the one that adorns the back of her neck in the style of a toddler’s felt tip doodle. It looks as if Ashley daubed it during a night of love. Do other women bear this “tag”, as graffiti-ologists call it. Check in the mirror. Ask a friend to help by holding a mirror to your rear while you face forward into another mirror.

Other love notes to look out for:

“Ashley was here”

“LOST: Mobile. If found call Cheryl’s mobile”

“I am not Ashley Cole”

In other news, the Sun continues to hunt down Ashley Cole, who – and this incidental to its daily stories on him – once sued the paper and won.


“Ashley refused to say sorry for betraying Cheryl yesterday after the Sun tracked him down to a swish sports clinic in south west France”.

This is the swish clinic where swish Ashley is having his swish broken leg treated, swishly.

The story is that Cheryl is the nation’s sweetheart and in letting her down the Sun wants answers from Ashley, the anti-sweetheart. The Sun will fight, fight, fight for Cheryl, patron saint of teary hugs, mojo and toilet attendants.

Cheryl Cole And Ashley Cole’s Marriage In Pictures

And the thing is that it wasn’t Ashley’s fault. If you want to blame anyone, blame his mother-in-law, Joan. A source tells the Star:

He blames everything on Joan living with them. He says they haven’t had room to breathe and moaned that she took her daughter’s side in everything. They couldn’t even have a proper row he said. But Cheryl insisted on her mum moving in after he cheated on her the first time. He was so desperate to keep the marriage going he would have agreed to anything. But he didn’t think of the long-term problems.”

Yep, this is the same Ashley Cole who blaming himself just yeterday and was talking of having therapy. Auch are the facts.

But wait a moment. It was Cheryl’s fault. The Mirror reports:

“One minute Ashley is grovelling and apologising for his betrayals and the next he is blaming her successful career for the split. Cheryl has been told Ashley strayed because he felt so alone in their marriage. Whilst she was off working on X Factor and with Girls Aloud, he was either at home alone, or in a hotel room playing video games while away with Chelsea.”

Poor, Cheryl. She is said to be all ready to “open her heart” to Jonathan. No, not John Terry. Jonathan Ross.

Let’s not complicate things…

Why John Terry Escapes And The Sun Guns For Ashley Cole

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