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The Story Of David Paterson’s Fall, Michelle Paterson’s Sex And The Feds

by | 26th, February 2010

paterson2DAVID Paterson is the New York Governor exposed and on his way out. Anorak’s AGW has been tracking the story of vice at the highest level. He was on it from the first sniff. Here’s the story – featuring the aide David W. Johnson, the wife Michelle Paterson and the President Barack Obama. Read it and join the debate on the forums:

SNOW WHITE he’s not. Meet the Governor of the State of New York. The man who would be John Terry if he could and have a super-injunction slammed into place.

Governor David Paterson, happens to be a Democrat and both Black and Blind, the state’s first African-American governor – and the first blind ­governor in America.

On the day after his appointment he admitted using cocaine and he and his wife had a series of affairs, and did what any shrewd politico would do. He asked for forgiveness. The alleged crack-head then allegedly carried on as before. There are rumours of womanising and drug use.

Paterson took over 18 months ago after Governor Eliot Spitzer was politically castrated by his fondness for prostitutes.

Things did not go well and a State Senator used a television interview to call Paterson a “coke-snorting, staff-banging governor,” there was no super-injunction and no come back.

The New York Times thundered Paterson should not seek re-election in November this year.

The New York Post was having fun turning the screw. It is owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News International the same ones who own the News of The World which first of all exposed the then England’s skipper’s infidelities, then spiked the story to allow sister paper The Sun to carry the John and Toni Love Story.

Paterson says a New York Post story, carried on January 30, claiming he was caught by state police in the governor’s mansion cavorting with a woman other than his wife is untrue

He claims he has not been involved sexually with another woman since he and his wife separated temporarily more than a decade ago, repeating the day one confession.

The Post stood by its story.

The story reached across the world and The Age in Melborne reported:

“Paterson says there is a New York Times investigation ‘that spawned a bunch of speculations that are so way out that it’s shocking’.”

He says he now fears reporters are “stretching the bounds of journalism” in a race to get anyone to confirm a vicious rumour.

NO! Never?…The low-life scum.

Where are Schillings and the Carter-Rucks when you need them?

Answer: in London and not the Freedom of Information Heaven which New York can be.

Then we met Michelle – the lovely Michelle Paterson. She’s wafted her tail at other bones.

Michelle Paterson is said to be an intensely private person who has had affairs while home-making with the only living horizontal snort tango champ in New York. I know it’s prurient but it’s relevant and fact.

Reader Cheryl wrote from the US:

However, do you recall Obama talked with Paterson and asked him not to run for re-election last fall? Paterson accused Obama of getting involved in state politics. The rumors of his conduct with whatever else they are going to expose must have really been running rampant even then for Obama to get involved.

Spitzer got nailed for his playtimes with a prostitute because he made the mistake of taking on the big Republican Leaders in NY and they went after him with a vengeance. Remember all the reports of looking into charging him with what funds he used, etc. for his playtime? Nothing ever came of that. They got him out that is all they wanted.

Upfront? With a “Please forgive me/us” the day after he was confirmed in the job?
Paterson may be blind but he saw the gravy train and hopped right on.

According to the latest reports he’s been hopping on and off the staff rather a lot too.
Should we leave him alone pleasuring State troupers or does that file under the American flexible moral code as good governance and job satisfaction.

What’s the difference between screwing with public funds and screwing the publicly-funded?

I will also admit to a public disgrace: every single double-entendre in the above gave me an extraordinary amount of satisfaction. But I prefer The Stones to getting stoned.

And then the New York Times ran a yarn concerning the rapid rise to executive trust of an aide to Gov. David Paterson. Harlem-born and raised David W. Johnson has worked for the legally blind governor for most of his working life and has bit of early form for drugs and violence. Allegedly later, no-charges, examples of violence to women friends too.

New York Bloggers are reacting with phrases such as “Is that It?” “Is that the great story being touted around?”

Instinct would probably advise blogger caution…there’s more where that came from.
If you listen carefully you may hear the harsh metallic click, clicks, as media megaguns are cocked.

In all probability, this is one just starting its run up the manure heap.

Time to review the evidence and rumour:

• Governor David Paterson of New York State likes women and has extra-martial affairs.
• He has in the past used cocaine. There remain rumours of current use.
• He has a long-term aide David W. Johnson with a darker side and record.
• President Barack Obama is said to not want Paterson in the November elections.
• The rumour mill said the New York Times had the dirt and was going to dish it.

This week Paterson felt secure enough, after what he thought was the New York Times story, to announce his candidature. Despite the Presidential reservations.

Then, yesterday, The New York Times fired its broadside and it is doubtful this is one Paterson will survive.

Abuse Of Power

The newspaper says it seems New York State police interfered in a case in which Paterson’s aide Johnson had been accused of treating a woman extremely badly and very violently.

The woman was twice granted a temporary order of protection against Johnson and also complained in court State Police had been harassing her to drop the case.

Further, Gov. Paterson was alleged to have phoned the victim directly, by having an aide ask her to call him, and she missed the next trial hearing. The case was dismissed and Johnson remains an innocent man.

This was an unfolding drama in New York yesterday as the Governor’s top police adviser first stood behind him:

Then dramatically quit.

As the story broke and got worse and worse, Denise E. O’Donnell resigned and said:

“The fact that the governor and members of the state police have acknowledged direct contact with a woman who had filed for an order of protection against a senior member of the governor’s staff is a very serious matter,” O’Donnell told the Times. “These actions are unacceptable regardless of their intent.”

O’Donnell is in charge of the state police and said the state police superintendent told her incorrectly last month they were not involved in the case. That indicates a direct link to above O’Donnell and perhaps the police chief was keeping the little woman both in the dark and happy.

Paterson had announced the 37-year-old Johnson had been suspended and an inquiry by the New York State attorney general plus an internal investigation by the the State troopers.

Too little and much too late for Denise who then quit but expect to hear her name again. She appears to be a very rare thing these days… an honourable person.

It may not be enough. Washington may send in the Feds to check the whole thing over.

Meanwhile, the blind Governor may be getting his arse kicked for keeping everyone else in the dark. It is particularly thorny for him since his administration was determined to reduce domestic violence.

This will escalate dramatically unless Gov. David Paterson walks the plank.
He is already accused of shutting out top officials from the democratic process and it is only a matter of time before the State Legislature feels it will have to act.
Impeachment will be a word on many lips today and the suggestion of an FBI probe is a very real and present danger.

Once again the New York Times has shown the way.

There’s more: Here and in The New York Times and even more here

…and a thank you to Cheryl for the early head-ups on this one…

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