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New York Times Blows David Paterson To Pieces

by | 26th, February 2010

paterson-jonesGOVERNOR David Paterson of New York State this evening quit the election race for his job and any hope of future progress in the Democratic hierarchy, writes AGW.

He had to go because he was blind. He happens to be legally blind but he had to go because he failed to see what was coming.

The Story Of David Paterson’s Fall, Michelle Paterson’s Sex And The Feds

Three weeks ago New York’s bloggersphere was buzzing with the whisper The New York Times had a story which was dynamite for the Governor’s chances of re-election.

Enraged politicians of both major parties, Republican and Democrat, prickled at the suggestion any newspaper could sway the course of politics and challenged the NY Times to put up or shut up.

NY Times Executive Editor Bill Keller replied addressing the rumours would do more harm than good.

“For the Times to issue a statement saying, ‘We are not investigating rumours about the sex life or drug use or financial shenanigans of Public Figure X’ doesn’t clear the good name of Public Figure X. It simply announces that we’ve heard the rumours and for some reason chose not to look into them.”

Which was a nice a piece of flim-flam as any currently serving New York politician could muster.

There were rumours of drugs use and womanising and the tabloid New York Post ran a story alleging an in the Governor’s Mansion cuddling session with a State employee. Despite Paterson’s denials. the Post stuck with it.

The NY Times then ran a innocently genteel story about the meteoric rise from minder to Paterson top aide of 37-year-old David Johnson. It mentioned a dark past and a crime sheet record. The bloggers all said a week ago “Is that it? ““what’s all the fuss about etc.”

Anorak counselled caution. With the phrasing: “Instinct would probably advise blogger caution…there’s more where that came from.

If you listen carefully you may hear the harsh metallic click, clicks, as media megaguns are cocked.

In all probability, this is one just starting its run up the manure heap”

Gov. Paterson breathed a sigh of relief and in days announced he was running for election. Then the NY Time let loose. It was alleged State Police, the Governor himself and others had interfered with the course of justice over an alleged assault of the woman friend of Johnson’s.

It was a master class in political journalism.. The NY Times played the game fairly. There must have been a deliberate leak to let Gov. Paterson know very clearly there was a story. Paterson’s political nuance and foresight were not good enough. He thought he was free and clear and announced he’d run.

Then the NY Times, as foretold, blew him right out of the water.

I have already commented this was first class journalism.

It was so damn good I wish I had been there.

Fabulous political editing and public service in one go.

Brilliant, truly brilliant.


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