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Sharon Osbourne Hates Dad Animals Louis Vuitton Loves Dead Animals Botox

by | 26th, February 2010

8436488PIXIE-voiced Sharon Osbourne – the Joselyn Wildenstein in the making – tells her Twitter followers not to buy Louis Vuitton’s handbag accessories because they’re “heinous.”

“Louis Vuitton foxtail handbag accessories make me sick. Please do not purchase those! It’s heinous.”

Foxtails on a moped aerial is cool. But on bag is so vulgar.

Peta’s Sexiest Ads (NSFW)

Peta, the voice of dumb animals says:

“As designers flaunted fur during Fashion Week in New York, and the usual suspects are expected to be as vulgar in Milan and Paris, we’re pleased Sharon is using her voice to denounce the cruelty.”

Hurrah for Sharon. And this is the same Sharon Osbourne who is a fan of cosmetic surgery, and Botox on the telly as infotaintment. What do we know about Botox?

* Each batch of Botox is tested for its toxic potency under the toxicity test known as the LD50 test, Botox Animal Testingthe full name of which is ‘Lethal Dose 50 Percent Test’. In this test, several animals, such as laboratory mice, are injected with a dosage from a single batch of Botulinum toxin. As the name of the test suggests, the purpose of the LD50 is to test the dosage of a particular batch Botox that kills 50% of animals who are administered that particular batch. As part of the Botox animal testing, animals continue to be injected with the toxin until the test is able to determine how much Botox is required to kill 50% of the animals. The Botox animal test asses the effects of Botox on the animal over a period of several days, whereby the animals, typically around 100 in number, experience severe muscle paralysis. Eventual death occurs due to muscle failure and an inability to breath.

Still, no lines, eh…

Peta’s Sexiest Ads (NSFW)

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