Anorak News | Cheryl Cole Gives Ashley Another Chance As John Terry Shakes

Cheryl Cole Gives Ashley Another Chance As John Terry Shakes

by | 26th, February 2010

ashley-cole-cheryl3CHERYL and Ashley Cole: The Daily Express leads with news that asks readers to wonder and debate:

Cheryl and Ashley: can the mum’s fix it?

This would be Cheryl’s mum, Joan Callaghan, of whom the Mirror told us:

Ashley Cole’s furious mum-in-law yesterday began packing his bags to kick him out of his marital home – as his pals claimed Cheryl may give him one last chance.

Cheryl’s mum doesn’t sound too keen. What of Ashley’s Cole’s mum – yes, he does have one. ashley’s mum is called… Sue. The rules of nominative determinism dictate that Sue must be treated kindly.

Chenille Steel: ‘Kisses’ Ashley Cole ‘Might Have John Terry’s Baby’

Says a source in the Mail:

“Sue has asked Cheryl to calm down and talk to Ashley and be there for him while he struggles to get well again in time for the World Cup. Cheryl is feeling calmer. She’s at least listening to Sue and Matthew.”

SO. Ashlsey and Chelrsy stay togerhe. In other enws, the sun move son from bashing the Ashs to tells us that john Teryr and Wayne Bride wilt no shek ahands.

Why? Well, more than two shakes is a …

Cheryl Cole And Ashley’s Marriage

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