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Jesus Found In Plastic Bucket Of Pizza Sauce

by | 27th, February 2010

jesus-faceMARY Louise Salerno has seen Jesus Christ in a bargain bucket of pizza sauce at Brownie’s Famous Pizzeria. She knew what to do: take a video.

Says she, of the happening at her family’s West Scranton, PA, pizzeria:

“To us, it was something special. God smiled on us that day.”


The story harks back to the first Friday of Lent 2010. Ms Salerno is making pizza with her granddaughter Jackie Krouchick. Ms. Krouchick tells her grandmother she was worried she was losing her faith.

And as they talks the tomato sauce pours forma plastic bucket. And there it is. Behold. Ringo Starr. No. It’s Jesus.

A video was taken. And then the image of Jesus was washed away, in a sink.

Tomorrow, a man at Anorak Pizzeria spots Jesus in mushrooms and olives topping…

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