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Pop Acorn Peter Andre’s Shag ‘n’ Tell With Maddy Ford: Pictures And Doggy Tag Style Sex

by | 28th, February 2010

3074727HAVING denied an affair with Maddy Ford, a former Page 3 stunna now working as the Page 3 stunnas’ stylist, Peter Andre is the subject of the Star’s front-page headline:


Given that Peter Andre said in February 2010 that he “haven’t had sex for 8 months” – and Maddy Ford’s claim that she stopped shagging him three months ago, the story seems confused.

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Thankfully, a source is here to put us straight:

Last night a source close to the star said: “To say Pete’s birthday joy has fallen flat is an understatement. It’s completely fizzled out. He feels betrayed by this girl. It is true that they had sex on a few ¬occasions but nothing more than that. Now it looks like she has sold her story and made much more of it than there was.”

Before her story, Peter’s manager Clair Powell wants to tell us:

“Peter met this girl after his divorce came through and he has been ¬intimate with her on a couple of occasions but it was not serious. He always said he would make an ¬announcement if he was in a serious ¬relationship.”

Maddy Ford (NSFW)

It’s Peter’s own business who Peter shags. Unless he tells us via The News Of The World earlier this year:

“OK, OK, I’m desperate for sex. It’s been a long time. But it’s a whole new ball game. I’m a different man, I want a different type of girl. I’m definitely cautious about women now. It’s going to take me a long time to trust someone. I haven’t done anything yet apart from think about it, but I don’t want to be a monk.”

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Back to the story of how dignified Peter has been shagging the former Page 3 stunna as the News of The World leads with:


This is Peter’s “mysterious girl”, who thank to these pictures is about as mysterious as a dribbling dog grinding the vicar’s leg.

Pete wore his diamante dog tags during sex..I loved to rub his body with them

Maddy Ford (NSFW)

At least Pete was true to his desires and pulled a “different type of girl”, who tells us:

“He seemed more than interested in me with my fake boobs and false eyelashes!..”

A “different type of girl” who will not take charge of his life and tell all:

“His body was incredible and he was so affectionate. I know Jordan once claimed his manhood was the size of an acorn but that is categorically not true. Peter was perfect in every way. But he always liked to be the submissive one. I always wanted him to take charge but he preferred it when I did. He liked me to be rough with him.”

Well, we know all about Pete’s sex life with Katie Price. What about your shags, Maddy?

“I didn’t want to have any secrets or surprises. So I told him I’d once had a fling with Orlando Bloom.”

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Me And My Chest: Peter Andre’s Career in Pictures

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