Anorak News | Peter Andre’s Maddy Ford Shag Is Sponsored By Jo Malone, Chanel And iPod

Peter Andre’s Maddy Ford Shag Is Sponsored By Jo Malone, Chanel And iPod

by | 28th, February 2010

peter-andre12PETER Andre’s kiss-‘n’-style lover Maddy Ford tells all. And as she speaks, she name checks brands. We learn less about Peter Andre’s shagging then we do of his shopping list.

Maddy Ford (NSFW)

Maddy says that Pete always showered before sex. She fails to tell us type of soap he prefers, the brand of water he drips in and the make of towel. But then she reveals more:

“One of his favourite things was to smear me all over with Coco De Mer edible chocolate body oil and then lick it slowly off – and then to have me do the same to him back again. That was a treat we never tired of.”

The Coco De Mer gig is in the bag, Maddy. Any other products to endorse?

“Every time we made love, he liked to put on Sade’s The Love Album in the background.”

Sade… No, not the Marquis de Sade. This is the singer.

“He’d do things like light all the candles round his bath before we’d make love…”

What makes of candle, Maddy? You’ve let us down with the soap on a rope, don’t fail us now:

“I gave him Creed aftershave which he has worn every day since. I also gave him crystal-encrusted hair straighteners and his favourite Hotel Chocolat chocolate.

Good. Good. But the candles, Maddy?

“He gave me a pink video iPod, a bottle of Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, pink cashmere socks from The White Company, MAC makeup and Jo Malone candles.”

Got it! The endorsements are in the goody bag, Maddy. It seems to be a sponsored shag. What’s it worth, Maddy. How much per inch…?

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