Anorak News | Media Scare Stories: The Osmonds Are Cursed, ‘Einstein’ Makes You Dumb And Other Poisons

Media Scare Stories: The Osmonds Are Cursed, ‘Einstein’ Makes You Dumb And Other Poisons

by | 2nd, March 2010

SCARE STORIES –The Osmonds are “cursed”, painkillers make you deaf and you’re not fat you just seriously ill… Anorak’s at-a-glance look at the lastest scare stories. Because the media’s job is to scare you to death. All Daily Mail unless stated otherwise:

“Poison Drinks health scare – Probe as toxin is fond in 16 brands” – Daily Express

“Painkillers double risk of deafness’”

“They had amputated his entire leg up to his waist. Suddenly Nick was a stranger to me” – Nick Clark’s wife tells us about his cancer


“Eczema cream that makes your skin WORSE”

“Baby DVDs fails top boost word power – ‘Einstein’ show could be more harm than good”

“As it’s revealed home-grown vegetables can cost the earth… Never mind the £1 carrot! My veg plot nearly cost me my sanity” – says Rachel Billington, smiling. Yeah, nearly…

“They made millions from their holier than thou image – but behind the smiles lurked mental illness, bankruptcy and even sexual abuse. As Marie Osmond’s son kills himself, why he’s just another victim of… THE CURSE OF THE OSMONDS”

“Online car insurance? It drove me round the bend” – Maurice Gran is bonkers

“How safe is Chinese medicine? It’s never been more popular – but last month it was revealed how Chinese herbal medicine gave one woman kidney failure and cancer…”

“Doctors said Alice was greedy when she put on 8 stone in 6 months – the truth was far more sinister” – You’re not just fat: you’ve got hypothyroid”

Much more to follow

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