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Justin Bieber Gets 16 Candles

by | 2nd, March 2010

JUSTIN Bieber is young enough to make the jam between your toes look old. Justin Bieber is 16.

If you have to ask who Bieber is then you are too old and your weak mind too full of old heroes of your faded youth to remember. You like Matt Goss? David Cassidy? Remember when you fancied Robert Pattinson, the Twilight actor who was Americanised for the film but was unable to hold back the bad hair, lacklustre physique and wonky teeth of his inner Brit? Think Jeff Goldblum in the fly.

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Justin Bieber is big and he is getting bigger. And that’s his biggest flaw, the Achiles heel. To remain huge he’s going to have to start playing the game. He’s going to have to start looking at women, buffing up his body, endorsing products that an adolescent wants – like spot creams, battered chicken and hair gel – and not be seen so much with his mum.

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