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James Bulger: This IS Jon Venables

by | 3rd, March 2010

ONE of the killers of toddler James Bulger was back in prison last night after breaching the conditions of his release, says The Sun under the screaming banner headline, “Bulger Killer Back in Prison”, writes AGW.

Jon Venables, now 27, was out under licence and protected by a world-wide injunction preventing media from identifying him or him contacting his best pal joint-child murderer Robert Thompson or the Bulger family.

Thompson still out and living under licence somewhere, and Venables were hidden when released in 2001. The protections were in place for life.

James Bulger Case in pictures

They killed two-year-old James on Merseyside in 1993 and at the time were the youngest children to be convicted of murder in British history

Denise Fergus. James mum said on on her Twitter site: “Would like to let everyone know jon venables is where he belongs tonight behind bars this is my sons justice.”

Whatever else, if Venables has been slammed back in the chokey for breaching his release licence it was for something very serious and not pinching a bag of midget gems from a corner shop somewhere. This has to have been for a gross breach because the powers-that-be could not have allowed a climb down and failure on this scale for trivia.


It indicated two things…either he was living in Britain all along and not the rumoured Canada or the offence is so bad the reluctant host country has shoved him in a plane for the Brits to sort out.

Forget the original offence, this is an embarrassment for the Ministry of Justice for one reason only. It shows the danger of these protection orders. We have no idea what has happened but anyone has been hurt and injured then the Ministry of Justice deserves to have it self-righteous backside bitten and its Treasury plundered, however is is not the civil servant or politicians cash…it is gathered taxes which will be paid out.

James Bulger Case in pictures

There should be an immediate action by a collective group of media, say News International. and the Telegraph and Guardian along with Trinity ( The Mirror and many provincial newspapers whose circulation areas this man may have been). They should be in the High Court this week demanding that ALL these sorts restrictions should be eased.

There are a few:

Maxie Carr (Soham) out there somewhere: Rumoured to be in, Sunderland, Cardiff, Aberdeen you name it

Double Child killer Mary Bell (here a child herself in Newcastle) out there: rumoured to be in just about everywhere.

Tens probably hundreds of other released on licence have the same protections. Most were introduced after the Bulger case.

Any changes of these orders should preserve the anonymities already given…that’s right and proper because if they have been judged to have paid the debt to society and are safe they deserve an opportunity.

Where breaches of licence have occurred the full details should be known and made public.

There are difficulties. For all we know, Venables is married with three kids and living next door to you. That family, if it exists, does not deserve the storm due to Venables.

But it is also right and proper if he has re-offended the full facts are known and the system be re-examined.

James Bulger Case in pictures

There can NOT be a system where convicted criminals who later re-offend are tried under new names and identities. Worse. What if there are no trials just to protect the protection orders? Chaos looms. There could be other crimes which had not come to light and only the oxygen of publicity reveals them. The most important secondary reasons for reporters covering court cases.

The Ministry of Justice said:

“We can confirm that Jon Venables has been recalled to custody following a breach of licence conditions. Offenders on licence are subject to strict conditions; if they breach those conditions they are subject to immediate recall. There is a worldwide injunction in place that prohibits any reporting that could identify Jon Venables or his location.”

If it wasn’t so crass, stupid and unbelievable, that statement would be funny.
We know where Jon Venables is now. Where will he be if he once again allowed out and no-one knows why he was back in?

James Bulger’s Killer Jon Venables: Pictures And Sickening Detail

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