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Kristian Digby Was Killed By Great Gay Design

by | 3rd, March 2010

KRISTIAN Digby is dead. RIP. And the papers are still marking the BBC’s reporter’s passing with speculation.

The Star tells readers:

“Telly Kris died like Kill Bill star David”?

That’s David Carradine, the star of TV’s Kung, who bought:

…a whopping order of lingerie, stockings, bondage equipment and DVDs shortly before his trip to Thailand.”

You know, the one killed by mobsters.

The tabloids wonder if Digby died in a moment of auto-erotic asphyxiation, a means of self-pleasure that celebrity gossip site TMZ tutored its readers in:

Back to the Star’s facts:

TELLY presenter Kristian Digby could have died in a bizarre sex game like Kill Bill star David Carradine.

So much for the facts. So that’s the Carradine angle. What else do we armchair detectives know? The Express:

RELATIVES of gay BBC presenter Kristian Digby told of their shock ¬yesterday after he is understood to have died when a solo sex game went wrong.

Gay? Is that relevant? Was Carradine gay? Well, no, he wasn’t.

The Sun has picture of “THE DEATH BED”.

What, Digby was found dead in his bed?

TRAGIC TV presenter Kristian Digby poses on the £8,000 designer bed where he was found dead.

So not a tasteless article after all. Get a load of that tasteful bed. Very nice. Wanna make Digby’s survivors an offer? The Sun goes on to deliver a great line that manages to merge  a man’s death with his showbiz career:

The 32-year-old had marks on one of his wrists consistent with being tied in what cops believe was a solo sex game that went wrong. He was found on the bed beneath a remote-control skylight by his boyfriend. A black bin liner and a belt were also in the bedroom featured in another BBC show To Build Or Not To Build.

He was killed by good design. Enough of the putrid speculation. What says someone who knew him well?

* Dominic Littlewood, Kristian’s close friend and co-presenter on BBC1’s To Buy or Not to Buy, said: “There is not a bad word I can say about Kristian. He was a lovely, fun, nice, jolly, decent person.”

Not a bad word you can say. But others can whisper their own…

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