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In Photos: The 80th International Motor Show

by | 3rd, March 2010

THE 80th International Motor Show in Geneva, Switzerland, features lots of big gas-burning cars and lots more hybrids. It was great. Better still when we spotted the Citroen Revolta. We’ll take two. We also kept a watch for the Axis cars that inexplicably crash while you’re texting? He has more.


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The new Alfa Romeo Giulietta is on display during the 80th International Motor Show in Geneva, Switzerland.

Featuring the: Volvo S60, Sharan VW, Concept Car Citroen Revolta, Mercedes SLS AMG, Lexus CT 200h, Porsche 918 Spyde, Mazda 5, Skoda Fabia Comb, Renault Twizy Z.E Concept, Nissan FT – 86 Concept, Infinity M35 Hybrid, Renault Wind, Ferrari Vettura Laboratorio HY Kers, Kia Sportage, Peugeot ion electric, Mercedes E 300 Blue TEC Hybrid, Opel GTE Flextreme, Bufori La Joya, Audi A1, Pininfarina Bluecar, Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Superleggera, Alfa Romeo Giulietta, VW Touareg Hybrid, BMW Series 5, Maybach Landaulet, Honda CRZ, Audi A8 Hybrid, Peugeot SR1, Seat Ginebra’10, Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid, Subaru EV, Kia Sportage, Bentley Supersports Convertible, Nissan FT – 86, Kia Venga, Koenigsegg Agera, Peugeot BB1 and the Bertone…

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