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Jon Venables’ Girlfriend, A ‘Stabbing’ And A Politically Incorrect Jack Straw

by | 4th, March 2010

WHATEVER name James Bulger’s killer Jon Venables calls himself, it will not be the name Privy Councillor Jack Straw remembers him by from now on. A lot stronger noun will spring to Jack’s lips, writes AGW.

Justice Secretary Straw has refused to reveal why Jon Venables, who was convicted at the age of 10 of the murder of two-year-old James Bulger, has been sent back to prison for unspecified breaches of the conditions of his release on a life licence, says The Guardian.

James Bulger Case in pictures

The Times, very correctly, points out this is the first time Venables has been in jail. Up to to his 2001 parole he spent eight years being rehabilitated in secure children’s’ homes.

Straw says it is not in the public interest that details of the reason Venables has been jailed for the first time should be released.

His closest political colleague Alan Johnson the Home Secretary seemed to show a testy and disagreeable attitude and and conceded the public has a right to know. Then backed off a little by saying:

“I can say nothing more than confirm that Jon Venables is back in custody. I believe the public do have a right to know and I believe they will know all the facts in due course. But I must in no way prejudice the future criminal justice proceedings.”

The Guardian says that comment prompted speculation that Venables must be facing a trial after having committed a further serious offence. But the Ministry of Justice rushed out a statement saying Johnson was referring to the impending parole board proceedings that must be held within the next 28 days to decide whether or not to confirm the decision to recall Venables to prison.

That is the equivalent of Alan Johnson being ordered to the Naughty Stool or even a firm smack on the back of the legs with the birch.

It would have been wonderful to have listened in to the inevitable telephone conversations between Straw and Johnson last night. Both are famous for being privately direct and we may have learned some new political phrasing along coarser building site conversation lines.

The Guardian added:

“It is not usual for the ruling by a three-strong panel, headed by a judge, to be made public but a parole board spokesman said it was likely the outcome would be released because of the high profile nature of the case.”

Which seems a step in the right direction

Background Piece

Carol Midgley and Russell Jenkins over at the Thunderer have done an interesting background piece on the fears facing Venables.

Who cares how frightened Venables is?

The Times In Depth stuff is interesting because it reveals, in more detail than other versions, Venables is probably already regularly recognised, has allegedly been stabbed, may have been a brickie in the North of England and has a girlfriend who has no idea of his history or background.

Stop right there:
Venables has a girlfriend who allegedly has no idea who he is? That is a disgraceful position for political masters to have placed UK citizens; in their name, presumably well-intentioned, probation officers “taking care” of Venables has meant colluding in a dirty, grubby, little sham to allow the re-branded Venables to have “normal relationships” with a girl who has absolutely no clue what her partner has been capable of. That is appalling.

That fact alone should justify the lopping off and rolling away of many heads. Starting with Jack Straw’s.

Elsewhere reporters have been busy and The Sun , among others, brings in James Bugler’s parents and has strong support for them in David Blunkett who was appointed Home Secretary two weeks before Venables and Thompson were freed…and freed them.

He said:

“My view is that it would be helpful to know if this is a minor technical breach of Venables’ licence or whether another crime has been committed.”

The Sun adds:

“Venables has been admitted to hospital after a street fight sparked by a man chatting to his girlfriend.

“In another alleged unprovoked attack he was seriously injured and is believed to have sought treatment at a hospital in Merseyside – in breach of his licence.”

The Daily Mail says it has the facts and blames a fight at work, a minimum wage job, cocaine and other drugs get a mention too. Which means…everyone seems to know Jon Venables’ new identity except the public.

In move showing it was not able to source the story for itself, The Mail involves the Daily Mirror by saying:

“It was claimed in the Daily Mirror that his life had descended into drug abuse, with him taking ecstasy and cocaine.

“And it was alleged that in December 2008 Venables was arrested by police after being seen taking cocaine in an alleyway with another man. It was claimed he was later let off with a caution.”

So The Daily Mail carries a story line it does not know is true, is unsubstantiated. and blames The Mirror at the same time. Nice.

The Detective’s View

Ex-Detective Superintendent Albert Kirby, who led the Bulger murder team, said:

“It would help to clarify and put this to rest once and for all if the public did have some indication of what it is he has done.

“Not where he is or details like that, but the reason why his probation has been revoked and he is back inside.”

David Blunkett seems to be showing a little more political acumen and has issued a statement which The Sun also prints today.

Where secrecy cloaks the facts, tyranny breeds.

The story so far:

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Image: Denise Fergus (Bulger) mother of murdered toddler James Bulger in Liverpool after Jon Venables – one of the killers of the toddler – was recalled to custody last week after breaching the terms of his release from prison.

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