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Madeleine McCann: Introducing ‘Suspects’ Maria Alice dos Santos Silveira, Jorge Vitorino Cabral Martins And Yvone Albino

by | 4th, March 2010

MADELEINE McCann – Anorak’s at-a-glance guide to press coverage of Madeleine McCann – The Our Maddie news is coming thick and thicker. The Sun introdudes “suspects” Maria Alice dos Santos Silveira, Jorge Vitorino Cabral Martins and Yvone Albino.

The Sun has a picture of a dolly and asks:

THIS little girl’s rag doll could have been given to Madeleine McCann by those who snatched her, investigators believe.

Could. Believe. Now we’re getting somewhere… This is the doll that the “gypsy” had when she was out with “Maddie” – the gypsy cleaner with the school teacher who lives in an orange grove

The cuddly plaything was among evidence suggesting Maddie was held at a remote house – but Portuguese cops abandoned the line of inquiry. Private detectives hired by the missing tot’s parents Kate and Gerry found the white bungalow in an orange orchard outside Silves, Portugal, after trailing a woman seen earlier with a Maddie lookalike.

A “gypsy” who lives in a bungalow by orange trees…

They staked the place out and spotted the doll and a child’s drawing.


Portuguese police on the Maddie case were tipped off, but the McCanns camp claim they did not fully investigate.

Tipped off about what?

“…fears that Maddie was being held there.”

If she was there, the ‘tecs stayed for an age, yes? Listening and looking. What else do we know?

One of the two women was identified as holiday home cleaner Yvone Albino. She lives near Silves – which is 30 miles from the Praia da Luz resort where Maddie, three, disappeared on May 3, 2007.

There’s a picture of Yvone who was seen with a child a few years back, allegedly. No evidence of her doing any wrong. No evidence of a kidnap. No evidence that the child she was said to have been with was Madeleine McCann. But, still, here she is. Get a load of her.

Mrs Jean Godwin “confirmed Mr Albino was one of the women she saw from a photo”.

It’s her!

The photo was also shown to British witnesses who saw a couple acting suspiciously near the McCanns’ holiday apartment. Several identified Mrs Albino.

Yep. It’s her. The cleaner. The witnesses say so. Witnesses to what? To her!

And the man?

Teacher Jorge Vitorino Cabral Martins – who was seen meeting Mrs Albino at the orchard property several times – was also placed in Praia da Luz by several witnesses.

McCann investigators saw Mr Martins discard a “child’s drawing done by someone aged four to five“. They also photographed the rag doll on the front seat of his white Citroen Berlingo van.

This is the teacher who had a drawing done by someone aged between 4 and 5… So say the detectives, now acting as child psychologists. So say the “witnesses”…

During a surveillance operation, Mr Martins was seen shopping for clothes and shoes for a little girl.


Neither he nor his girlfriend Maria Alice dos Santos Silveira have young children or grandchildren.

There are pictures of Jorge Martins and Alice Silveira so you can study them. And the Portuguese police did what..?

Cops confronted Mrs Albino, who denied being the woman Mrs Godwin saw. A police report states: “Nothing of interest was found.”

Martins “said the doll was given to him by his students. Mrs Silveira said the drawing had belonged to her 28-year-old daughter.”

She’s 28? Well, she may not be the best artist… But hold on a moment:

The child’s drawing has been sent off for forensic analysis.

Finally know that the images and words provided by a “source”, who tells us:

“After Dave Edgar [the crack detective] sent his report to the Portuguese police our investigators heard nothing more. It is now clear from the files that very little was done to rule these people out as suspects.”

So, yhey are suspects? Or are they simply non non-suspects? Did you hear that, Maria Alice dos Santos Silveira, Jorge Vitorino Cabral Martins and Yvone Albino. You are being linked in the British media to the disappearance of an innocent child. The detectives say you are not non-suspects. Best get a lawyer… He knows one:

Madeleine McCann: Robert Murat Sues Jane Tanner (?) And McCanns Sue TV1

While Mr Goncalo Amaral can be contacted to opine on free spech, in other Our Maddie news, the following words appear as the Daily Star’s lead editorial comments piece. And, yes, this is the Daily Star that made a generous “donation” to Our Maddie’s parents Gerry and Kate McCann is light of its fine investigative journalism.

In three summers of looking for Our Maddie, the press – with all those resources – have not committed one crew or hack to investigating what happened to the child. The tabloids have hunted down “suspects”, like Raymond Hewlett and fingered Robert Murat. They have libelled the innocent parents. But they have not once emerged with a lead of any substance.

Now read this:

IT’S clearer by the day that the Madeleine McCann investigation was a massive botch job. Portuguese police failed to follow up reams of promising leads.

Witnesses across the globe were so convinced they’d seen the missing tot that they reported their sightings.

But time and again their frantic calls fell on deaf ears. Even now, people such as New Zealander Taryn Dryfhout “absolutely believe” they saw Maddie.

But no-one in charge of the case has ever seriously probed their concerns.

Surely you can only solve a case by exhausting all avenues. This has not been done.

Those in charge of the police investigation should hang their heads in shame. They have failed Maddie.

The least they can now do is renew their efforts to trace her.

And they can start by looking back at the dusty police files they ignored for two years.

Yeah, really. Taryn Dryfhout is the Star’ssecurity guard” who as her claim of seeing Madeleine McCann withered became the shop assistant who became the check-out girl.

Why did her “frantic call fall on deaf ears”? Maybe because it was frantic. And wrong.

Surely you can only solve a case by exhausting all avenues.

So everyone should be considered a suspect until proven innocent? See above.

Everyone should be investigated? And that is also everyone who was in Praia da Luz when the child went missing. All avenues need trawling?

Isn’t that the kind of nonsense that led the Star to donate to the McCanns and Robert Murat being abused in the media?

Madeleine McCann is missing and the speculation continues…

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