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‘Laughing’ And ‘Miserable’ Ashley Cole Meets A Shrink

by | 5th, March 2010

ASHLEY Cole is not yet divorced from Cheryl Cole, but he might be losing something else: his marbles.

The Star leads with the headline: “Ashley: I need a shrink.

Which leads to the story that Chelsea FC have flown a “psychologist” out to meet the footballer.

Ashley Cole’s Women (Alleged)

The story goes like this:

“Moments after being spotted laughing and joking with fellow patients he exploded with rage, yelling: ‘Fucking hell, my life is ruined. Why don’t you all just fuck off. Just leave me alone.”

Any one else imagine that in those missing moment, the hacks who had spotted England best defender (when fit, natch.) approached the player?

Says the Sun, which has made getting Ashley Cole a spectator sport – well he did once sue them and win:

Sources said the 29-year-old England left-back had appeared miserable and depressed since arriving at the clinic more than a week ago – and had gone days without shaving.

What about the larking about the Star witnessed? Must be different sources:

But after being told Chelsea were sending the psychologist to assess him, Cole promptly cut off his beard and trimmed his hair to give a good impression. A source close to Cole said: “He desperately wanted to look good for the psychologist.”

Who is she? And how common is it for a club to send a medic out to see an asset? A Chelsea spokesman says:

“It is a very normal procedure. We have a duty of care to all our players and we regularly send members of our medical team to help them get fit, especially those undergoing long-term treatment.”

In other news, no-one got shagged on the pitch when England played Egypt. So, well done JT…

Ashley Cole’s Women (Alleged)


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