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Madeleine McCann Captured By Madeira Liberation Army

by | 5th, March 2010

MADELEINE McCann – Anorak’s at-a-glance guide to press coverage of Madeleine McCann – Having yesterday told us that all avenues need to be checked and of those “reams of promising leads“, the Daily Star now tells us that a lot of those leads are dead ends, non starters and plain useless.

As we were told:

IT’S clearer by the day that the Madeleine McCann investigation was a massive botch job. Portuguese police failed to follow up reams of promising leads. Witnesses across the globe were so convinced they’d seen the missing tot that they reported their sightings.


But no-one in charge of the case has ever seriously probed their concerns.


Surely you can only solve a case by exhausting all avenues. This has not been done.

Leading to:

Those in charge of the police investigation should hang their heads in shame. They have failed Maddie.

Now, the Daily Star tells its readers all about that new Madeleine McCann case files:

The case files reveal how police have been blitzed with bizarre, sick, and twisted information about Madeleine’s fate from across the globe.

Surely, “reams of promising leads”?

An email from the Madeira Liberation Army who claimed to be holding Madeleine and had a video showing her in good health, but couldn’t vouch for her safety unless the city of Funchal was granted independence.

The city then flooded. Can the two be linked?

A report she’d been snatched by secret service agents and was being held by “Mr Temple’’ in a safehouse in Dachau, Germany.

We know all about Dachau and safe houses. Maddie – raus!

Claims by a Portuguese woman who had a “sixth sense’’ she had been taken by a dangerous man living nearby – really an ex-boyfriend she was trying to frame.

Where were the police, then. Eh? Where?! Hanging their heads in sham, we’d wager.

A Dutch voodoo priest’s claim he had a psychic vision of where Madeleine was buried. He confessed it had happened after he’d drunk two bottles of white rum.

Well, if it helps. No stoned unturned, and all that…

A Romanian woman insisted her beauty queen daughter Madalina was Madeleine’s real mum who’d handed her to a Leicestershire doctor for adoption just before she died. Police discovered Madalina died before Madeleine was born but the woman claimed her death certificate was forged.

So police researched that one.

An Australian tipster claimed Madeleine was kidnapped into slavery and held in a cellar.

A tipster? Are bets being taken? Did Josef Fritzl take her?

A Spanish psychic claimed she had a vision the missing girl had been killed by a gardener and buried in a flowerbed with three other children.

Well, that one sounds interesting… Says the Star:

None were true.

And we know this because… Anyone? Anyone in the police care to tells us..?

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