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Lily Allen Does MEN With Dizzee Rascal: In Pictures

by | 6th, March 2010

DIZZEE Rascal had another go at saving the British music industry from Simon Cowell’s pap factory at The Manchester Evening News Arena, in Manchester. Also there was celebrity pop mouth Lily Allen, the reformed Luddite fresh from reassembling her computer and Tweeting that Courtney Lover is an old crone:

She’s upset because she has got it into her head that i put a lock on some dresses for the brit awards. She’s made no secret of this and, when i saw her at the NME’s she tried to talk to me and i told her to shut up and stop spreading stupid rumours about me.”


“And thats pretty much it. I would never fight with her, as a rule I don’t pick on crazy old ladies.”

So she ended it there. Until she didn’t:

it’s the sort of thing a paranoid drug addled lunatic might come up with.

Any ideas how humble Lily knows what a drug-addled lunatic might come up with? Not that Allen takes drugs nor howls at the moon.

In other news, the Guardian thought Allen would make a good spokesman for the BBC’s Wispa move to scrap a couple of its minor radio stations. The mooted axing means that the Beeb looks like it’s hot on budgets, the fans get to form a focus group on Facebook and indicate by activist numbers if the station is worth saving – it’s the PR, dammit – and attention is drawn away from the fact that the money-sucking BBC1 shovels more piles of sorry sodden tripe down viewers throats than all the other station put together.

Says Allen:

It will be awful if they do decide to close BBC 6 Music, and I hope that the backlash they’ve received so far will make them think twice. Clearly it will continue to cause an uproar, which is the last thing the BBC want.

Yeah, you nailed that one, Lily. Now for the music…


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