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Jade Goody: A Year Without Her In Pictures And Will

by | 7th, March 2010

JADE Goody is back and so is that subsidiary of Jade Good Incorporated, Mr Jack Tweed, her widow.

To recap: Jack is out of jail and has been picked up The Jade Twitchers, a group of paparazzi who disguised as undergrowth and trees keep a constant vigil at Jade’s grave for signs of life. Having migrated to jail – he did bird – Jack is now back in view for spring, the anniversary of Jade deaths and Mother’s Day.

Jade Goody’s Funeral Pictures

Douglas Wight and Kat Lay have more news for News of The World readers:

* JADE Goody made certain her playboy widower Jack Tweed wasn’t left a penny of her £3million fortune.

Playboy? And as for his being huge scoop, remember this from one year ago?

* It was reported Jade left Jack nothing in her will, but he has earned £140,000 from recent photoshoots.

This is the Jack Tweed who thanks to Jade’s celebrity cancer show, and his guest starring role, was able to buy a £350,000 flat in the week’s following her death. The NoTW goes on:

Despite naming him as a beneficiary – which saved more than £1million in inheritance tax – tragic Jade’s carefully written deathbed will ensures the 22-year-old nightclub promoter can’t touch any of the cash she salted away for her two precious sons.

Sounds like the doubters were wrong – Jade Tweed IS good for something: tax avoidance.

All Jack gets to keep are memories and his late wife’s final car – a blue six-year-old VW Touareg worth about £14,000. And even that’s just a gift at the trustees’ discretion.

But he also get to be photographed by Jade’s grave. He gets to sell any stories not already sold. And he gets to be named a “playboy”, which given his record seems generous.

Jade Goody’s Funeral Pictures

This is Jade’s “huge £3 million legacy of love” which constitutes her trust fund:

“Three properties”; a “small gift” of £10,000 to her “feckless mum Jackiey Budden”; “£20,000 to her doting grandparents Sylvia and John Craddock to pay for their funerals”; no money to charity.

But the story seems confused. That’s the story of the trust fund. Jade had other assets and reading on we are told:

Jade’s affairs are still in the hands of her executors and her will is currently passing through probate – where debts are settled, assets liquidated and the final worth calculated before it is officially published. It is likely to be settled within six weeks.

So, Jade was not worth £3million – that is the contents of her trust fund. But there is one interesting facts:

A new documentary by her friend Kate Jackson – called Jade: A Year Without Her – will celebrate her life and legacy. The tribute is due to be aired the day before the anniversary on LIVING TV. Royalties from the film will also go into the trust funds for Bobby and Freddie.

Jade Goody is not available for pantomime, but she might know someone who is…

Jade Goody’s Funeral Pictures

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