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Humans Make Human Sacrifice For Global Warming

by | 7th, March 2010

ONE of the more sinister aspects of the “climate change” miasma is the insistence of campaigners and governments that saving the planet requires personal sacrifice and significant changes in personal lifestyles. However, while we may be dimly aware of government exhortations along those lines, few people realise quite how much of our money is being spent on trying to make us change our ways, writes Richard North.

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A significant amount of that money is spent by one government department, DEFRA, on “behavioural research”, and a record of its recent expenditure provides a chilling testament to the Orwellian world of climate advocacy, where every aspect of our lives is coming under official scrutiny.

The record, which starts in 2005, has the University of Surrey doing a project called “Choice Matters”, exploring how to make sustainability “an automatic and primary part of producer and consumer choice, rather than a self-satisfying added extra.” This cost a relatively modest £21,775.

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For £63,017 meanwhile, the University of Westminster carried out an analysis of existing research relating to “pro-environmental behavioural change”, aiming to contribute towards a better practical understanding of how DEFRA could influence behaviours.

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Cranfield University, on the other hand, took on: “Sustainable development as a “collective choice” problem: theoretical and practical implications”. The aim if this research was to explore thoroughly the potential of a highly promising and unique body of research, known as “collective-action theory”, for achieving DEFRA’s goal of finding new ways of motivating people to produce and consume in a sustainable manner. This cost a mere £23,333.
xeter University was given the task of applying theories of behavioural change, using innovative techniques within the context of specific lifestyle groups. It employed a brand marketing approach to demonstrate how a model of environmental behaviour could be used to develop policies for change. The work cost us £21,000.

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Other work went to the London-based “green” consultancy, Brook Lyndhurst, which wasasked about “nudging the S-Curve”. This shows an initial period of slow change; a period of acceleration, and rapid change; and a period in which change slows down as some sort of limit to growth is approached. This project sought better to understand the S-curve in order to promote pro-environmental behaviour change. For us, there was no change from £21,150.

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