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Swiss Ban Suicide Clinics For Pets

by | 7th, March 2010

IN SWITZERLAND, voters have rejected lawyers for dogs, what might be called postman chasers.

Around 70% of Swiss broke up the apres-skiing, institutionalised racism and bansturbation by voting against plans for state-funded lawyers to represent animals in court. The other 30% are believed to be lawyers and chimpanzees in hats and overcoats.

The system is already in place in Zurich. Injured and abused animal head to Zurich, where they are either put down – it being what they want – or launch a class action law suit.

The Swiss are worried for their pets. In Switzerland, pet fish, pigs, budgies, budgies, geese, wildebeest and all “social animals” cannot be kept alone. The fear is clear: suicide.

Says one cuckoo: “I’m sooo alone….”

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