Anorak News | Christina Hendricks Presents The Elton John Oscars Football Party In Pictures

Christina Hendricks Presents The Elton John Oscars Football Party In Pictures

by | 8th, March 2010

OSCARS in pictures: At the Elton John AIDS Foundation dinner at the Pacific Design Center, you could watch the Oscars on the telly. And you could meet Christina Hendricks, for whom Old Mr Anorak is grateful and accommodating. (Gallery after the jump at foot of page.)

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The soireee is the showbiz equivalent of football fans who watch their team’s away game broadcast on a Jumbotron parked at one end of the ground.

Only no-one was swallowing a revolting saveloy – that’s not how Hollywood works. Really. It isn’t.

Sandra Bullock (NSFW)

Of course, it’s not footy. It’s showbiz. Although, Elton John did use to be chairman of Watford FC, so the footy similarities are pronounced. And here comes Victoria Beckham. And with that the music strikes and the singer cranks up the chants…

Oscars In Pictures: Sandra Bullock And The Hurt Locker Present The Oscar Winners And Losers

One highlight was on GMTV, where post-match interviewer Carla Romano was talking with a procession of half-cut stars, including a glassy-eyed Jeff Bridges and  Eric McCormack, Will Truman in Will & Grace, calling himself a “willie” and threatening to drop his trousers.

As for what’s life is like in LA, Roger Simon has more:

… every year at this time, major arteries are shut off (making the already mind-bending traffic even more hellacious), the area becomes riddled with satellite trucks and temporary grandstands, and the usually quiet hills are filled with Oscar parties. Replete with bad, loud and often off-key rock and roll, echoing through the canyons — Bono doesn’t play for these things — these parties are anything but glamorous. Often an expensive-looking home is rented out to whoever (porn producers, racketeers, real estate developers) for a day or two of non-stop festivities, resulting in narrow winding streets littered with beer bottles, pizza boxes and, no surprise, condom wrappers.

So, nothing llke the football. Altogether now – Three nominations and no Oscars – doo-dah, do-dah…

Sandra Bullock (NSFW)

Sandra Bullock And Hurt Locker Stick Avatar Where The Sun Shines: Oscars Pictures


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Christina Hendricks and Lea Michele at the 18th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing party in Los Angeles on March 7, 2010.

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