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Lancashire’s Last Glacier Is Dying: The Clitheroe Prophesy

by | 8th, March 2010

GLOBAL warming is shrinking the “Clitheroe glacier”. No polar bears have died so far, but some have been spotted heading for Germany, land of castrated polies.

Local amateur photographer Dennis Ogden has been tracking the glacier’s lessening on Booths supermarket car park.

When Clitheroe goes, we’re doomed. For it is written.

Says Mr Ogden:

* “I was just taking pictures for fun and it all went from there really. It has been there quite a long time and shrunk dramatically from the first picture. A number of friends were interested in when it might disappear and began to guess dates, so I set up a website where we could all watch it and posted pictures of it regularly.

“People seemed to catch on to the game and have been having fun guessing how long it would last.”

Experts say it’ll be over by the 2016 Olympics.

Spotter: Bat E Bird. Source.

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