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Brangelina Have 3 Months To Live, Says Doctor

by | 9th, March 2010

BRAD Pitt and Angelina Jolie will split on June 15 2010. We know this because the National Enquirer breaks the post-NoTW embargo on Bradgelina split stories and screams from its front page:


In other words:


Angelina Jolie Pictures (NSFW)

And not only Brad and Ange are back on the NE’s cover. There’s Jennifer Aniston, who illustrates:

“His shocking confession about Jen.”

Can it be that with the legal case against the NoTW in the mix – the paper claimed Brad and Angelina were splitting – the Enquirer has news to shock and amaze?

Well, no.

Once again the Enquirer says Pitt came “crawling back after being snubbed by his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston”.

But this latest story is that Angelina Jolie wants Brad to spend less time with his friends, like George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino, and more time with his children. Also, he should stop smoking weed and control his drinking.

Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Touch Up Super Bowl: In 70 Pictures

And about that three-month deadline? Well, Dr Lillian Glass is here to help. The “psychologist and body language expert” on the NE’s speed dial tells us:

“The next three months will be critical for Brad and Angelina’s rocky relationship.”

On hearing that, Anorak has taken the liberty of speaking with our own Dr. Lana Cain. Says she:

“They might have longer to save their relationship, unless it’s already been saved. Although it may not have need saving.”

Finally, what of that “shocking confession” about Jen?

“Pitt told a pal that he hoped Aniston would finally forget about him and find Mr Right.”

Only hoped? Why not prayed? There’s more to this to come…

Angelina Jolie Pictures (NSFW)

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