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Rozlyn Papa And The TMZ Sex Tape Error: Pictures And Video

by | 10th, March 2010

TMZ now says its stories accusing a star of TV’s The Bachelor of appearing in a porn tape were wrong; two porn sites were promoted in TMZ posts, writes Anorak’s Man in LA.

The corporate porn-pushing gossip site is at it again, living up to its reputation as the sleaze site that gets it wrong– while leading readers to multiple pornography sites in the process. Only this time, the shaved bronzed midget frontman and his team are, allegedly, libelling a young woman in the process– and continuing to do so, even after admitting their boner.

No pun intended, Harvey.

In this latest outrage, the victim was a contestant on a network television reality series. Beginning on February 25th, the pigs at TMZ began accusing the woman of “allegedly” staring in a “celebrity sex tape” it claimed was making the rounds of its pornographic partners. Lazy mainstream news media, protecting themselves with the usual disclaimers, spread the unconfirmed report:

“A new celebrity sex tape is being shopped around the porn community — and the person peddling the tape says the star is Rozlyn Papa from ‘The Bachelor.’

“TMZ has learned the tape is being shopped to a variety of XXX companies all over all over L.A. — including Live******.com–“

TMZ, of course, did not redact the name of the porn website. It promoted it with the teasing story, and led its readers there.

This morning, there was a new porn website to promote, with another unconfirmed story:

“A sex tape starring ‘Bachelor’ reject Rozlyn Papa — allegedly — has made its way onto the Internet and it happens to end just like the ‘Bachelor’ finale … with someone on their knees.

“The short tape — which features a woman certainly resembling Rozlyn performing a sexual act on a sizable gentleman — just popped up on the website P******.com.”

Of course, the name of the porn website was spelled out (and we can’t confirm whether the “allegedly” was added to the post after the fact).

Late this afternoon, after promoting at least two porn sites (not counting the other sites they might link to automatically), TMZ produced a followup story this afternoon: The woman in the sex tape apparently wasn’t the Bachelor star, after all:

“A website claiming to feature a sex tape with ‘Bachelor’ reject Rozlyn Papa has a problem … because the star of the flick may not be Roz at all.

“Roz’s lawyer directed us to a 2004 porn video featuring a woman using the name of Lucy Anne.

“It appears the video the website in question is featuring was lifted from the 2004 porn video. The website only posted a portion of the 2004 video. When you look at that video as a whole, it doesn’t look like Lucy Anne is Roz.”

The incorrect stories, naming Rozlyn Papa as the “alleged” woman in the sex tape, are still posted on the TMZ website.

Anyone out there a little fed up with this venereal disease of an operation, spawned and financed by AOL and Time-Warner and now owned by Warner Bros.?

Any journalists interested on who’s getting kickbacks from the porn operations the subliterate sleazebags so casually and obviously promote?- TB


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