Anorak News | England Fans Demand Cheryl Cole Reunite With Ashley For World Cup

England Fans Demand Cheryl Cole Reunite With Ashley For World Cup

by | 10th, March 2010

CHERYL Cole and Ashley Cole: Anorak’s at-a-glace round-up of what some are calling The Divorce of The Month…


Ashley Cole’s Women (Alleged)

Let’s not be hasty to judge. Does he have his new mobile phone number?

CROCKED football rotter Ashley Cole has chosen to save his football career over his marriage.

Rotter? Surely, “love cheat”, “love rat” or “playing away footy star”? Is writer Jerry Lawton a Terry Thomas fan? Anyhow, back to that scoundrel Ashley Cole:

The 29-year-old Chelsea and England star decided to stay at a French clinic for more treatment on his broken ankle. He was due to fly back to the UK today for showdown talks with estranged wife Cheryl, 26

Hold on a moment, Jerry. Ashley Cole decided to remain in France to undergo more treatment on his broken leg rather than get on a plane? This is Ashley Cole, England’s best defender by a mile, without the left side is more exposed than a naked vicar at a panto? Where is the petition demanding that Cherly Cole get back with Our Ashley for the sake of the country? And she must go to him:

But docs warned Cole if he left the CERS medical centre in south-west France too soon, his chances of playing for England in this summer’s World Cup in South Africa would be wrecked.

Ashley Cole’s Women (Alleged)

So much for that snub. But hat about poor Cheryl, who is waiting for that meeting with Ashley? The Mirror tells readers:

Cheryl Cole is to move out of the home she shares with cheating husband Ashley.
The singer has been looking at two luxury properties after telling friends her marital home holds too many painful memories.

She should move to South Africa without delay. She should set up home to make Ashley Cole feel at home. Cheryl Cole – do the right thing. Do it for England.

Ashley Cole’s Women (Alleged)

Cheryl Cole And Ashley’s Marriage in pictures

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