Anorak News | Peter Andre Is ‘Taken Out’ And Katie Price ‘Explodes’

Peter Andre Is ‘Taken Out’ And Katie Price ‘Explodes’

by | 10th, March 2010

IN heat magazine “JORDAN EXPLODES”. The cabin pressure aboard those trans-Atlantic flights? It can happen. Irena D. was on her way from Moscow to Los Angeles on an unnamed airline when her chest spread itself out. Irena DDD cannot be traced.

Katie Price career in pictures (NSFW)

It turns out that Katie Price has not exploded in the literal sense. But she has screamed:

“How dare you date other women!”

Katie is said to have been put out that Peter Andre had been working Maddy Ford in a sponsored shag. Says a source:

“The worst part is that the kids were there and saw and heard everything.”

Princess TenaLadyMe and Junior Peter are all ears and eyes. When they get together for their stage show version of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez I Love Lucy, they will surely spill the beans.

“It was awful,’ says our source. Junior didn’t really understand what was going on and she was in the background telling him what to say. She was saying to him, ‘Daddy’s a liar. Look Daddy’s kissing another girl… See how Daddy treats Mummy now. That girl is called Maddy and – that’s Daddy’s girlfriend. Ask him about it Junior.”

Maddy Ford pictures (NSFW)

No need. Maddy Ford has been speaking to the press about it all. All Junior need to is read.
Says Junior, now with a speaking part:

“Daddy, why did you lie?”

The source then tells us:

“That’s the worst part – he stuck to his word and yet she still went mad and tried to use it against him.”

Poor Peter. And its get worse, because heat announces in a headline:


A hit on the pop acorn? Is death the next logical step on his career ladder? No, dear reader. This is a contest for readers to send in videos explaining that they’ve got what it takes to date Peter – which from an outsider’s viewpoint seem to be a massive chests, hair extensions and a speed dial to the tabloids…

Me And My Chest: Peter Andre’s Career in Pictures
Katie Price career in pictures (NSFW)

Peter Andre On Tour (NSFW)

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