Anorak News | Jennifer Aniston Shines For Gerard Butler In London: Pictures

Jennifer Aniston Shines For Gerard Butler In London: Pictures

by | 11th, March 2010

JENNIFER Aniston has new film out, The Bounty Hunter, and has arrived in the UK to promote it. This being Aniston, the tabloid rules state she must be embroiled in a love story.

The impression is augments hy her being glowing on the cover of W magazine. Aniston is sat on Gerard Butler’s lap. That is Butler and not some animatronic version of the Scots actor. Aniston looks like she’s been weeping at her dead puppy’s grave. Butler looks like an extra from a shoot-em-up video game.

Of course, the glow is not the work of the computer artist’s magic mouse but down to the Jen and Ger’s amazing love for one another and all that incredible sex.

If you want to date Jennifer Aniston, you need to be her co-star. That’s the rule. The Mirror is happy to comply. As its front-page headline says:

“Jen’s here and in love”

Jen will no doubt take time to tell us how in love she is with the country of London and will gladly bed it when the place gets a decent agent and the cracks filled in…


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