Anorak News | Farrah Fawcett More Controversial In Death Than Life As Charlie’s Angels Fight Heats Up

Farrah Fawcett More Controversial In Death Than Life As Charlie’s Angels Fight Heats Up

by | 11th, March 2010

WELL, Farrah Fawcett is certainly more controversial in death than she was in life. Amid the hubbub over the Academy Awards’ boneheaded decision to omit the beloved actress from its In Memorium segment Sunday night pipes up Farrah friend Alana Stewart to refute Kate Jackson’s claim that she (Stewart) and Ryan O’Neal stopped Kate from visiting Farrah in the final months of her life.

Alana, who is billed as “Farrah’s best friend,” accompanied Farrah to Germany for her ultimately unsuccessful cancer treatments and held the camera for the verite footage of her fight to beat the disease.

After Farrah sunk into the final stage of her illness, Stewart reportedly held up production of the NBC tabloid special based on her original film, demanding more money and a producer’s credit, then was the first to cash in with a quickie book about her best friend.

Now she returns to the spotlight to say that Farrah’s friend of four decades and Charlie’s Angels costar is “insane.”

“First of all, I spoke to Kate many, many times during Farrah’s final months and explained to her that Farrah did not want to see people. It was not my choice, or Ryan’s. Farrah wanted to keep some of her friends away.

“I would go to her and say, ‘Honey, so and so has called, these people really want to see you.’ Farrah would think about it for a moment and respond, ‘Not now, I just don’t feel like it.’ I don’t think Farrah wanted to emotionally deal with it. She didn’t want people seeing her when she wasn’t looking like herself.”

As for the others who have hurled barbs at Stewart and O’Neal, she adds to RadarOnline:

“These people should just put a pin in it and honor her (Farrah’s) memory. They’re angry, bitter, disgruntled or have an axe to grind. Farrah’s legacy is far greater than any of these people could disparage. Let Farrah rest in peace.”

Now what do you think about that? – TB

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