Anorak News | Take That’s Mark Owen Admits Shagging 10 Women: Neva Hanley In Pictures

Take That’s Mark Owen Admits Shagging 10 Women: Neva Hanley In Pictures

by | 11th, March 2010

DID you know that Take That singer Mark Owen – the one who looks like the Olsen sisters’ little bother – has had 10 affairs? Yeah, John Terry, Owen, that little streak of nothing who looks he lives in a tree on a eucalyptus plantation has pulled 10 women. How many did you manage, JT?

Pathetic. And you had the nerve to bill yourself as the captain of England. Shame. On. You.

Pictures: Mark Owen And The Women

Owen is “a serial love cheat”.

Mark, 38, broke the news of his cheating to Emma, mum of their two kids, at their London home yesterday. He said: “She loves me and I let her down. I’m really sorry.”

Why did he break the news and then race to tell the Sun in an exclusive? Is this a case of getting in first before the ladies emerge?

On Twitter, Owen writes:

“I’m so deeply sorry for the pain my actions have caused my family and friends. I’d like to ask the media to respect the privacy of my wife and children at this difficult time. No further comment will be made.”

Although, Owen is talking to the Sun. The paper has a picture of “Neva” leaving a pub with Mark Owen after one meeting. Neva Hanley, 24, is billed as “THE MISTRESS”. Owen, 38, shagged her for five years.

Mark Owen And The Women

Mark met posh Neva when she was just 19 on a platform at Preston railway station in September 2004, two years after he won the second series of Celebrity Big Brother. They became friends – and three weeks later he flew her to Los Angeles, where they had sex in Hollywood’s Best Western hotel.

Classy stuff.

Three months later Mark invited Neva to his Lake District home, where they spent a night smoking cannabis, drinking vodka and having sex.

And we know this because privacy-seeking Owen told the paper?

Neva told The Sun: “We had sex five times that night. That’s when I started to feel really guilty. The lie has gone on for too long. I can’t do this to Mark’s family any more.”

Five times a night is a tabloid tradition. Says Owen:

“I have been an idiot, a d***head, a k***head. All of the above and more. It’s about me, my mistakes. Nobody else is to blame.”

Thanks for clearing that up. We had thought that Marc Owen had been blackmailed into shagging 10 women other then his true love or that he’d been the victim of a case of mistaken identity.

Last years, Owen married long-time lover Emma in a Scottish castle. Says Owen:

“I don’t know how many girls there were in all. Maybe ten.”

Of the other women, Owen says they were drunken conquests:

“I had been drinking. I wouldn’t have the nerve to talk to a girl when I’m not drunk.”

Unless she’s waiting for a train?

Mark Owen And The Women

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