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Mark Owen’s Women: White Whine, A Blow-Up Bed And Pictures

by | 12th, March 2010

MARK Owen, the Take That fallen possum, says he shagged 10 women while dating his wife-to-be Emma. He was seeing Neva Hanley for around five years – right up until his wedding. So he says.

He appeals for privacy, via that most public forums: Twitter:

“I’d like to ask the media to respect the privacy of my wife and children at this difficult time. No further comment will be made.”

And today the Sun screams:


Owen says he has “secretly battled a drink problem for at least TEN YEARS”.

Mark Owen And The Wome – pictures

Ten is a big number to Mark Owen. He can’t remember exactly how many other women’s he’s shagged but it’s “maybe ten”.

This is, of course, all part of Owen’s media rehab. Having been exposed as love cheat in the tabloids, one day on and he is the “guilt-ridden star” in therapy. Robbie Williams, his former band-mate with Take That and a former alcoholic, is a “guiding light”. This, says Owen, is the most “difficult time of my life”.

Emma Owen, meanwhile, is the “betrayed” wife. She has taken off her wedding ring. She has thrown poor Mark out of the family home. The couple meet for a talk. Inside, they do not answer the door. Privacy is all.

And, privately, the “tearful wife asked for assurances he give up alcohol for good and would do everything in his power not to let his behaviour affect the kids.

Mark Owen And The Wome – pictures

Such is the level of privacy at Chez Owen.

Anyhow, Owen is now in “rehab”, says the Sun. The Mirror says he’s “sleeping on a blow-up bed at a friend’s flat”.

He used to have a drink problem. But now he has “the odd drink”. He used to be a “heavy cannabis user”. And now has “occasional joints”. As a meal culpa this is more me a culprit.

Then we get the best line as Owen moves to the Lake District to “avoid the limelight and work on solo material”.

“But as he stayed up late he gradually came to regard bottles of white wine as his only companion.”

And aside from the women, they were.

Owen, who says this drinking is no excuse for his cheating, then says “I don’t think logically when I’m drunk”.

Drink is Owen’s get out of jail card. He’s already told us, “I wouldn’t have the nerve to talk to a girl when I’m not drunk.”

Mark Owen And The Wome – pictures

This is Owen who says he met Neva Hanley on the platform of Preston train station. Was he drunk?

Owen once more say the drinking is no excuse, but then offers:

“I’ve been living with the guilt. Maybe the drink is my way of dealing with the guilt.”

Or maybe the drinking is just a way of keeping the story of Mark Owen’s extra-curricula shags on the front pages and painting him as the victim..?

Mark Owen And The Wome – pictures

Take That’s Mark Owen Admits Shagging 10 Women: Neva Hanley In Pictures

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