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Jon Venables Is A Failure Of Jack Straw’s Law

by | 12th, March 2010

ON the comments pages, Jon Venables, one of James Bulger’s two killers, is sparking debate.

Reader Georgina writes:

I think we can safely conclude that the heat is not going to die down under the current arrangements. People have been hunting and fighting this cause for over 17 years now, they and their resolve have matured, they will just get better at it and their will be no peace for anyone.

James Bulger Case in pictures

Many people would be confronted by giving up the hunt now, it offends our personal integrity I think. I feel it takes a lot of humility and self esteem for some to admit defeat, especially the lawmakers. They set Jon Venables, his family, the community, doctors, police, prison officers, anyone who sounds like Jon, looks like Jon etc, up for hell on earth – so we live in fear, anguish and anger.

What has posttraumatic stress disorder in relation to the management of Venables and Thompson cost so far – and I don’t mean just financially?

Why does Jon Venables live in fear? Lynching probably – that they won’t just kill him, they will do to him what he did to James. I fear it will be an eye for an eye. What an horrific outcome. What dread this conjures up. How many people will be goaled for the bludgeoning of Jon Venables?

How long will the investigation take? How many thousands of people do they intend to interview – the planners, the researcher’s the vigilante’s, the family, public servants and so that even when he is dead? The issue remains festering into history.

Jon and Robert Venables knew what they were doing. We are informed by research that many children understand at various levels the finality of death by the age of 5.
It was not a “clean merciful murder”. The very nature of the killing tells us that.
Perhaps that is where the real damage and hurt has become irreconcilable in the eyes of the people.

Many people I think, never reconcile with the death of a baby/child. It is in our nature to grieve sometimes forever.

Whether we call them “evil”, “mentally ill” or “psychopathic” – whatever “box” we try to put them in – all this is in vain under these current circumstances…

My greatest fear is for the cases of mistaken identity – and the endless anguish, anger, frustration, despair and misery the lawmakers have caused in their futile efforts to try and lessen the turmoil. Instead they have fuelled it and continue to do so. I don’t believe that the people will stop. The momentum is too huge now. What will it take to quieten the hearts of the people ?

Reader AGW responds

There are those who feel justice, retribution and rehabilitation is the sole preserve of the few given salaries so high as to be expected to be perfect in thought, word, deed and above all taints or corruption.

It demonstrates a blind faith in the political and legal system to the point of exclusion of all other cohesive argument, Legitimate questions are dismissed as the baying of a mob which illustrates my original point. Where justice is not seen to be done there is no justice.

It becomes an academic interpretation of standards set by an elite. I am not sure whether that should be classed as an oligarchy or a judicial dictatorship.

James Bulger Case in pictures

I have not, and would not, suggest that the current situation re Jon Venables’ recall from licence is anything other than difficult. The contention that these difficulties are the fault of the media is clearly an arrant, even arrogant, nonsense and an attempt to coerce others into believing all judgements in this case are erudite and legally and morally correct ones.

I can not argue any point on those judgements since I am not qualified to do so. I happen to believe the anonymity granted to individuals as part of their rehabilitation programmes has now been proved to have been dangerous and an utter failure.

It has damaged the protected ones, it has damaged relatives of victims and it is clearly still damaging third parties. It has also created something I have not seen before. The general public has for years been losing faith in bankers, estate agents and politicians but suddenly there is a realisation that the Law is not all it has been cracked up to be.

It is contended this is the fault of the mob. It is not. It is the inevitable consequence of a judicial decision process and if the academic lawyers among us would care to examine the progression of decisions as far back as, say, the Cleveland Child Abuse Inquiry, there may be a few clues to the process which has led to today’s position.

I will make one final point. If some genuinely believe the freedoms they now enjoy today are there solely because of the judicial and legislative process they are to be pitied. The great unwashed also provided the basis for all legal systems via Common Law. I can’t remember when any major section of Common Law was tampered with, however when the politicians and judges get stuck in, we get Statutory and Case Law and that’s where failures start as adjustments are made to fit the will of the elite.

Generally, it’s then the media stirs its lazy backside and bleats until someone is forced to listen. A small contribution but helps guarantee freedom.

A child is killed. And the powers that be don’t know what to do…

James Bulger Case in pictures

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