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KFC Debates Halal Chicken And The Colne Facebook Protest

by | 15th, March 2010

KENTUCKY Fried chicken is selling halal chicken. All to the good for the business. You go where the market takes you? Only, the chickens are not halal enough:

” In a statement the LCM said: “Upon researching KFC’s website, it is apparent the chickens are stunned before slaughter.

“This issue is of great concern to us because the halal criterion, adopted by LCM after wide consultation, does not allow stunning and this conforms to British law.”

Stunning chickens – at KFC? They look pretty run off the mill.

As reader Bat E Bird writes:

“So the Lancashire Council of Mosques isn’t happy because of the method of slaughter but, meanwhile:

” Meanwhile a protest has been launched against KFC’s decision to serve only halal meat at its Colne branch.

More than 1,500 people have joined a Facebook group, ‘No halal at Colne KFC.’ The HFA is the largest food certification body in the UK and certifies thousands of shops, butchers and stores across the UK. “

This is happening more often around here now. We now have schools, Italian restaurants and a pizza chain all switching to halal.

I can see trouble brewing if they all switch over. People want a choice – even if they don’t have a clue what halal is.

Do they have a clue what non-halal is?

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