Anorak News | Take That Sex Story Pictures: Howard Donald Is Mark Owen’s Ashley Cole

Take That Sex Story Pictures: Howard Donald Is Mark Owen’s Ashley Cole

by | 15th, March 2010

AFTER news of Take That’s fallen possum Mark Owen’s sex life, the tabloids tell of Howard Donald’s alleged sex with married Dutch fan Merith Van Onselen, 28.

Says the allegedly cuckolded husband Dave Koevarmans, father to their child in words that should rise a smile:

“I always thought MARK OWEN was her favourite.”

But Mark was in a solid relationship with [insert name here] and was not available.

Howard Donald – Fame And Women

The whole story of Donald’s alleged sex with a fan is told in one breathless News of The World paragraph:

Singer Howard Donald romped with 28-year-old Merith Van Onselen behind the back of the mother of his youngest daughter at the height of the group’s comeback – after wooing her while high on cannabis.

That is how you write tabloid news, readers. Amy Nelmes knows her stuff.

And this is how the media works. Remember when John Terry’s alleged extra-marital shagging was revealed in the NoTW and then spiked by the same paper as JT shared a raft of exclusives with NoTW’s sister papers at News International? With JT being restored to greatness (pics NSFW), the Sun turned to Ashley Cole and he – the man who has once sued the Sun and won – became the face of footy shagging? Ashley Cole’s Women (Alleged)

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Now Mark Owen is revealed as a love rat. He speaks to the Sun. No women comes forward to kiss ‘n’ tell. Then with an apparently compliant Owen in the mire, and rehab, up pops his Chelsea, sorry, Take That teammate Howard Donald as the subject of a seamier story that takes in allegations of drug abuse.

Howard Donald – Fame And Women

Back to the details and we learn that Donald’s lover was called Marie Christine Musswesseles. (Bless you.) One picture of a moon-faced woman is captioned:

“DIKKE KNUFFEL: Pair had cuddles and passionate sex”

Dikke Knuffel turns out to be not another lover but Dutch for “a big hug”. And it was love:

“It wasn’t just sex, it was much more than that. I was falling in love with him. It was hard not to.” She adds: “We always laughed a lot about silly things. When I visited London one time he said he had left a gift in the fridge for me. It was chocolate covered Turkish delight. I loved it. But he had taken a nibble out of every one.”

Merith has a good way with words and towards the end of her kiss ‘n’ tell reveals:

“I met them all and they were all lovely to me. None of them appeared bothered that I was with Howard despite him already having a girlfriend.”

Huge shock there to learn that Mark Owen had no problem with infidelity. But, then, this story isn’t about him…

Howard Donald – Fame And Women

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