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Jon Venables Is Going Madder In A Super-Max Jail Near You

by | 15th, March 2010

JON Venables is in high security prison for his own safety. But he’s not that far away. Not really. Two thirds of the prisoners considered to be most dangerous in Europe are being entertained at a Supermax Prison near you. If you live in mainland UK and Northern Ireland.

James Bulger Case in pictures

It’s not nearly as easy to pinpoint the alleged new secure prison holding murderer Jon Venables prison as may be imagined.

If the Daily Mirror is bellowing the correct tale and it is true the secure unit is a “special jail isolation unit is one of only four in the UK”. It then gets more difficult. The figure for the specialist tougher then tough glasshouses in the UK is more than double the quoted four.

An excellent London School of Economics (and Political Science) report tells us:

“Supermax prisons – large prisons designed for holding prisoners in strict and prolonged solitary confinement – officially operate to protect society from its most violent and dangerous criminals but in reality are also used to house petty non-violent offenders and the mentally ill.”

There are only 15 Supermax (that’s their title) Category A prisons in the whole of Europe. Only five are NOT in mainland Britain. Of the five there is one in Northern Ireland and another in Eire.

Her Majesty’s Prison of full Super-Max grade are:

• Bellmarsh, London
• Frankland, Durham
• Full Sutton, York
• Long Lartin, Worcestershire
• Shotts, Scotland (unlikely since secret indentity impossible)
• Strangeways, Manchester
• Whitemoor, Cambridgeshire, (the toughest Super-Max)
• Wakefield, Wakefield
• Woodhill, Milton Keynes

Don’t it make yer feel safe & ‘proud? Nine of Europe’s Super-Max jails are near you?

Or as the LSE’s report, which looks at Supermax jails world-wide, says:

Expensive, ineffective and they drive people mad – rethink of supermax prisons urgently needed urges LSE academic

Should suit a good half of the Anorak population down to the ground then, eh?
It makes me feel really proud I’m in a society which looks after me and mine so well.

Pass those thumbscrews, Jack…

James Bulger Case in pictures

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