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Jon Venables Revealed As Destroyed Ed Balls Says Denise Fergus Is Wrong

by | 16th, March 2010

JON Venables & James Bulger: TREADING where Justice Secretary Jack Straw may not have put his beautifully formed toes, UK Schools Minister Ed Balls has entered the Jon Venables-child killer criminal responsibility ring.

James Bulger Case in pictures

Note: This is mawkish Ed who tapped into the Baby P Mourn Porn by telling us that “as a dad”…:

“I have to separate the emotion I feel as a father from my job as Secretary of State… Nothing I can do next week can being back Baby P or take away the suffering he endured.”

As Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel puts it:

“You never want a serious crisis to go to waste…”

Balls defied Parliament to appoint Dr Margaret Atkinson as Child Commissioner and yesterday had to go in to bat for her after a huge political gaffe.

The Minister responsible for Education in England and Wales made matters that much worse and yesterday said, the then ten-year-old, Venables and joint killer Robert Thompson were not “intrinsically evil”

That let the Tories straight back into the political fight and David Davies, above, Conservative MP for Monmouth, told the Daily Express:

“His comments are as astonishing as they are offensive.

“Evil is the only way to describe the murderers of James Bulger.”

Balls, who made the same stupid fumble as Jack Straw by calling the victim’s mother by the wrong name, had been directly contradicting Denis Fergus, 42, the mum of murdered two-year-old James Bulger.

James Bulger Case in pictures

She has already called for the dismissal of the newly-appointed Children’s Commissioner Margaret Atkinson who for some unknown and what can only be described as insensitive or bizarre reason announced via The Times at the weekend the age for criminal responsibility should be lifted from ten to 12 and Venables and Thompson should NOT have been prosecuted.

Ed Balls said Jon Venables and Robert Thompson were victims of an abusive upbringing.

Mr Balls distanced himself from Dr Maggie Atkinson, who said it was wrong to try Venables and Thompson in an adult court.

But he added:

“The one point she made where I agree with her is about labelling children as evil. I think to say that any child is intrinsically evil and can’t be helped and supported to turn things around, I wouldn’t agree.”

He went on:

“I think children are very affected by what happens to them growing up. I think it was an evil act, but I’m not willing to say the children were intrinsically evil and nothing can be done to give them a second chance.”

The Telegraph’s political blogger Gerald Warner went in full bore yesterday and demanded both Ed Balls and Margaret Atkinson should resign. He was making a couple of stinging pointers:

“Ed Balls, the Schools Secretary, controversially overrode the objections of a House of Commons select committee to appoint Dr Maggie Atkinson as Children’s Commissioner. He was so determined to have his way that he rejected the views of the Children, Schools and Families Committee which opposed the move last October, despite the fact that this was the first time a select committee had exercised its new powers to hold a pre-hearing into the suitability of a government appointment.

Ed Balls – a Schools bully?

James Bulger Case in pictures

“On that occasion Barry Sheerman, the committee chairman, denounced Balls’ behaviour as “a bad day for democracy”. He said of the Schools Secretary: “He is a bit of a bully, he likes to get his own way.” Balls’ bullying behaviour made a nonsense of a newly acquired power by select committees, betraying the cosmetic nature of this reform when it conflicted with the ruthless will of a Labour minister.

“Why Balls was so determined to appoint Atkinson is unclear; but what is now evident is that it was a massive error of judgement. Atkinson’s cack-handed remarks about the murder of Jamie Bulger must rank as the most crass and insensitive ever uttered by a public office-holder. She claimed that the little boy’s killers should not have been prosecuted for his murder, even though what they had done was “exceptionally unpleasant”.

Image: James’s dad Ralph, 43, told the Daily Express:

“It is a case of once evil, always evil. They have never shown any remorse.”

Meanwhile, Jon Venables slowly disappears into the prison system as the man with no-known name, just a number, as the tabloids begin to find sources running dry.

The Sun today triumphs at the number of signatures on a petition demanding details of what is to happen with the re-called from life licence joint killer of two-year-old James Bulger, and takes a side swipe at yesterday’s rival Daily Mirror’s claim Venables had been moved to a new prison.

James Bulger Case in pictures

Not so says The Sun and suggests it has the inside track information with:

“…reports that Venables, 27, had switched jails were rubbished by official sources.

“Instead he is still being held in isolation in one of Britain’s top security prisons under 24-hour watch – as we revealed first more than a week ago.”

Back to The Express which says James’ furious mother Mrs Fergus, 42, was said to be angered that two cabinet ministers in seven days have publicly got her name wrong.

Jon Venables, now 27, who killed James with Robert Thompson, was given a new identity but has been re-called for as yet unspecified alleged offences. Senior advisers are said to be pushing Justive Secretary Jack Straw to avoid a trial to protect his new name.

His first job may be to get Ed Balls and his new friend Dr Margaret Atkinson to shut up.

Venables and Thompson were ten when they killed James, two, in Liverpool in 1993.


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