Anorak News | James Arthur Ray’s Believers Claim Harmonic “Wealth” Weekend Lost Them Money

James Arthur Ray’s Believers Claim Harmonic “Wealth” Weekend Lost Them Money

by | 16th, March 2010

SOMETIME during the 2009 calendar year, when Megan Fredrickson and James Arthur Ray’s many other minions were laying out his events for 2010, they scheduled  a “Harmonic Weath” gathering for this coming weekend in San Francisco, at a “TBA” location.

The price:  $750 per seat.

Now, with just days until that seminar was scheduled to begin, the people who paid Ray in advance for the event are finding themselves high & dry and with wallets that are hundreds of dollars lighter than they should be.

One of those people – a man we’ll call Roman – attended one of Ray’s free gatherings, which are commonly used to recruit paying customers for high-dollar seminars.

Roman left the free meeting $1,500 poorer, having given Ray the funds up front for the San Francisco affair that would supposedly help him and his wife Create Harmonic Wealth.

“I Bought them in advance as it was ‘advertised’ as a one time deal during the mini-seminar in San Jose,” Roman tells The Rat.

Now he and presumably dozens, or perhaps hundreds, of others find themselves hitting dead ends as they try to get answers or refunds from Ray, his people, or his PR genius Mark “Master of Disaster” Fabiani.

“I started calling in late December or early January, leaving numerous messages on the main JRI line asking for a call back,” says Roman.

“After James Ray’s arrest… I called several times again asking to get a call back to receive a refund or confirmation of the event.  None of my messages or emails were returned.”

He tells Rumor Rat:

“I looked all over the web for the venue of the upcoming event, and there is nothing.”

The James Ray International 800 number has now apparently been disconnected, Roman says, and Ray’s e-mail link is broken.

“I’m over $1,500 in the hole for this event supposedly taking place on March 19-20 in SF, but no venue!” he says.

If there is an upside to this mess, perhaps it is that Roman and his wife won’t have to worry about the Harmonic Wealth weekend becoming a life ending rather than life changing event, as it did for Colleen Conaway last summer when she took a suicide dive from the second floor of building during the same seminar in San Diego. – RR

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