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The Weigh In: Private Nadine Colye At ‘War’ With Cheryl Cole

by | 16th, March 2010

YOU wait an age for an article of Girls Aloud’s Nadine Coyle and then you get two at once. heat magazine leads with:


This is the tale of Nadine’s war with Cheryl Cole. Or as heat puts it:

“EXPOSED: Jealous Nadine’s bitter feud with Cheryl”

A source “close to the star” [that’s Nadine] tells us that “Nadine tries to keep very private and believes that her success will come through her talent and not any kind of media circus that might surround someone’s private life”.

Is this the same Nadine Coyle who appeared in OK! magazine canoodling with then lover, Jesse Metcalfe, the star of TV’s Desperate Housewives?

Nadine who told us of those break up rumours:

I mean, we were talking all the way through and talking about the fact that everyone was talking about us splitting up!”

Thankfully, Nadine seems quite happy to add to Cheryl’s media circus by saying:

“It’s awkward for any of the girls to talk about. If they get back together and we’ve said bad things, then it’s going to be difficult. We respect each other. And of course I sent Cheryl a message when it went wrong with Ashley”.

And here’s another “friend” of Nadine’s to tell us, privately, that Nadine “keeps saying she desperately needs to lsoe weight” to be more like Cheryl.

Which brings us to the second Nadine Coyle story, this one on the cover of Closer:


One page into the magazine, and readers learn:


Rock Bottom is not Nadine’s nickname — although “her legs are like toothpicks and arms and hands are bony”.

So say the “experts”…

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